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Found 2 results

  1. Pages from the System's Commonwealth

    with stellaris coming out in just over 9 hours I want to try a different kind of player diary, so I'm reserving what I'm calling a stellaris empire log. Half fictional story half game log, with pictures ta boot. if anyone else picks up this game feel free to do something similar! this will also be my first paradox game so be kind lol.
  2. Journey to the stars

    Space... The Final Frontier... have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered just what is out there? ever asked yourself what lies deep into the void across the sea of stars which we watch with curious eyes from our home? this is a tale of just such a people, like you, like me, but different, Little Green men from the planet Kerbal in the kerbol system in a galaxy far far away. it is the dream of every sentient to reach beyond that which they know, to attain the unknown either because they fear it or because they wish to understand it so that they no longer fear it. many such beings try to attain flight so that they may travel where none have gone before, soaring above the world they've only seen from the surface. here is one such vehicle, a design based on excessive force and lift. most times their attempts end in failure, sometimes with lethal consequences. but those who learn from the mistakes of the ones before them occasionally do succeed, and when they do, our hearts and minds are pushed onward and upwards, to new goals and new challenges. this is the story of a people who went beyond their home into the cold unforgiving depths of space, where no person from their world had ever dreamed of going before. TO BE CONTINUED...