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Found 1 result

  1. so I'll make this short and sweet but still full of technical goodness... so I discovered this last year when I got my 720p HDTV (yes 720p there's a good reason for this!) alright so a few things, first of all most tv's these days have two game changers for all you retrogamers out there. the first one is that the green port on the RGB is also the Video signal for RCA (red yellow white), I actually had this explained to me by the sales man at bestbuy, and I didn't believe him until I hooked it up my self and was pleasantly surprised, testing it with my sega genesis of course! now the second big change, and this is important, many HDTV's even store brand ones, come with very impressive composite video comb filters, what is a comb filter you ask? well it's an electronic chip who's job is literally to clean up and improve the quality of composite signal. things have changed a lot since composite first came onto the scene, and while at one point you would need either a Cathode Ray Tube Television (CRT), or a SCART adapter/RGB mod to get the best quality this isn't completely true anymore. basically, modern HDTV's actually clean up the image of composite video devices very nicely, and up scale 240p signal with little to no pixelation/stretching like they used to! now I don't have a modern 1080p tv to test this with but I got 720p for two reasons, #1 it had the most features for the price (Especially for a retrogamer like myself), and #2 even if the upscaling was terrible, 240p to 720p would look far better than 240p to 1080p. this is also true for Laser Disk players, which have built in comb filters, but modern HDTV's improve upon the already existing image there. (I have one and can state this to be true ^_^) in all honesty if you want to go budget and have a bunch of old consoles lying around, getting a cheap hdtv made in the last couple years is probably the best option. but as far as quality, SCART to HDMI with HDMI and/or SCART switches is the best one simply because of the reasons I listed in the previous thread about SCART vs Composite video. anyway I hope this was informative! SpookyZalost, Signing off.