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Found 1 result

  1. planet state RP, forum side.

    ok so It's been a while and I had fun in the past when we did this so why the heck not, rules are simple, create a nation, you get a planet, name it whatever the heck you want, it's your planet. shared star cluster, of about twenty stars, each one with up to 2 inhabitable planets. (earth and mars for example) distance between stars is between 2 and 10 LY, travel between star systems and communication is allowed via an alien station with a jump gate (space bridge, based on real physics, aka wormhole gate), you have to get this working and it takes a lot of resources and time, you start with tech level circa 2000, create your own history but that is where you start. starting planet population up to 5billion (determined by D10 roll 500 million per number), minimum pop 500 million. everyone starts on a terran class world (earth like), with a mass of between 0.8 and 2 Earth masses. physics for planet travel are realistic, systems are randomly generated in space engine. use a constructed language if you like, but english is galactic standard after translation between languages (part of that alien artifact, think of it as having a Universal translator built in), note that this won't be enabled until after you either research Universal translator or until you complete the repairs on the alien structure, but completion of the station get's you UT by default. have fun with this one, given that there are up to 2 inhabitable planets in system and 10 inhabited worlds, there's a good chance of another player ending up in your system, and with 20 star systems some will be devoid of life, but others will have places to colonize. I will be working on the system maps after posting this, planet resources will be known only to the player, and only after an orbital and or planetary survey, they can be posted if you decide to share it with the rest of us, you can also share it with another player if you wish. Combat is done via dice rolls, in a D20 style, so... ships would have + or - to their specs based on tech level, ship size, weapons onboard (you get to design it yourself), ship speed, and defenses. you have 3 actions in combat, attack, board, retreat, attack is where the dice rolls come in. retreat is done with simply dice roll, if you roll higher (+ for speed.), you escape (stealth tech bonus as well, included on defenses), if not, you don't. you can board if the enemy is disabled or you can get close to them before their attack or without suffering major damage, boarding is based on a dice roll, highest number wins (D20), + number of crew, + weapons they have (based on tech used). so like, projectile gun is a basic weapon, so +2, you have 20 crew so that's +22, and you roll 15, so that's 27, but the other guy has 10 crew + 10, a laser gun + 5, so that's + 15, and rolls a 17, that's 32, he wins. same goes for ship combat. shields take up to %80, but that tech hast to be researched and put on the ship, so a ship with basic shields -10%, you get hit for a total of 20, it's only 18 points away from your hull integrity, if your hull integrity get's below 10 you get hull breaches. Hull integrity is basically hit points, you loose that many Hit points from your total. but let's just say I hope you build your ships of sterner design than those nasa guys! Tech tree should make sense but advance as you see fit, starting from current era tech, so no jumping from nuclear reactors to anti-matter reactors!. during travel there will be a dice roll to determine random event chance, (anything higher than 15 on a D20 = random even), followed by a 2nd dice roll to determine what the event is. I'll be working on this later. you get 20 science points to start with, and 2 per turn, + 1 per lab you have on planet, each lab costs 500 resource points, and you get 100 per mining facility, you start with 2 on planet so 200 per turn. the tech costs RP to build, and using a standard unit of measurement is simpler than keeping track of the entire periodic table of elements and their values. similarly ships take time to build, cost RP to purchase fuel per trip, and this is all important as this will affect dice roll +/- as to civilian happiness/unhappiness. everyone starts at 70, max 100, min - 100, 70 because HEY we're in space now!. all governments start as colonial, which means labor -2 per RP generating facility, leisure +5 per leisure facility. , Dice roll +/- 10 based on D20 (1through 10 = negative, 11 through 20 = positive) just message me on site if you want to join and I'll generate a starting set for you, do whatever you like after that, create a flag, an anthem, a history, whatever, also I would love some feedback! also, dice rolls will be handled through on site messages, I'll be keeping a log in case of disputes, every week there will be a world update, with updates to the region and stellar maps to show expansion and such as well as an empire ranking (sum total of points based on tech researched, fleet size, number of colonies, and RP + SP, obviously ranking =/= stronger empire in terms of military strength! anyway if you are interested feel free to join up! this could be a fun game, and I'm always looking for new ideas, I'll start it as soon as I finish the basic tech tree, have at least 2 players, and finish the map of the star cluster. have fun! SpookyZalost, Signing off.