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Found 5 results

  1. Cyberpunk Thread

    Since this topic fits into all 3 categories I'm just putting it in the general space. entertainment (books, movies, music, games, etc), PC's & tech (Cyberpunk need I say more?), politics, debates, etc, (see cyberpunk world vs real world). What is cyberpunk Examples of cyberpunk works The Cyberpunk Database now that that's all out of the way, let's begin... let's talk about cyberpunk media you are interested in, how does it affect your view of the world, or maybe just how close the cyberpunk and real worlds are?
  2. discuss cyberpunk here all you hardwired wetware net junkies gotta go somewhere now that it's becoming more popular. Extra points for being a Street samurai, net runner, or Decker! so come on in, step outta the sprawl and come down outta the constant rain which plagues the megalopolis.
  3. Seminar Sign up sheet

    the OP will be edited to show who's going to be doing a seminar and on what. so reply below to show if you are interested in doing a seminar in the upcoming simmania seminars, and on what topic so the schedule can be worked out.
  4. should we bring back the seminars?

    so I know this is probably a strange question, but would anyone be interested in participating if the seminars were brought back? there's a poll too if you don't feel like answering to the post. and if they were brought back, what would you like to see discussed in them?
  5. Hey guys, Happy new years to everyone at simmania, what's your new years resolution this year? Mine is to get into college and begin studying astronomy.