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Found 8 results

  1. Pages from the System's Commonwealth

    with stellaris coming out in just over 9 hours I want to try a different kind of player diary, so I'm reserving what I'm calling a stellaris empire log. Half fictional story half game log, with pictures ta boot. if anyone else picks up this game feel free to do something similar! this will also be my first paradox game so be kind lol.
  2. ok well just a heads up, about a month ago I got an oculus rift, so far I've really been enjoying it, and I've still yet to reach the edge of it's capabilities. so here's a list of what it can and can't do. It's an interface, there are programs for it, you can even run your desktop from a virtual screen in a virtual space, evening having multiple virtual monitors provided you setup the hardware first. this is in windows btw, I haven't really got it fully working in linux yet, but give it time, somebody's going to have a breakthrough because oculus is for now not supporting any other OS but windows. the device has built in head tracking, what that means is that when you look around, your head movement is translated to your characters head movement in that virtual world, there is no lag, it is seamless, and quite incredible. there is even a VR web browser that supports it called janus, not only does it support head tracking, but it really does feel like you are an avatar moving through cyberspace, each website is a separate world you travel between via portals that you open up. every day we inch closer to the future written about in the various works of cyberpunk fiction, granted it is not quite the lights receding into darkness described by gibson back in 1984, but it is very close, sometimes I even forget that I'm not actually there in the net and that it's all a very complex and powerful illusion created by advanced technology. when not surfing the net playing games or watching movies is like being on a holodeck of sorts, there's even a VR movie theater app that you can use to watch movies on from the comfort of your own private theater, both 2D and 3D movies work, and unlike in an actual theater, 3D movies don't have that off focus shift that they seem to meatspace side. meatspace (real world), Cyberspace (virtual world), these are terms that are quite apt to describe how I feel using this device. I highly recommend the DK2 right now as the CS1 which comes out next year will cost nearly 4x as much as the developer kit one with very few upgrades for that price. if you choose to wait there is a lot in store if what I've been reading about is actually on the horizon, VR headsets will probably be very common in the next few years, affordable even, of which the DK2 is on the high end of that spectrum right now. the next sony and nintendo consoles will be VR based, I can assure you this, unfortunately I don't know what microsoft has in store, but VR is the future, it's coming and I have had a surreal taste of it. furthermore it's easy to adapt to, even my seventy year old grandfather enjoyed playing some of the games on the rift, and both my grandparents are quite impressed with it's ability. and all this is just the tip of the ice berg as far as VR's potential! Microsoft has made it very clear that windows 10 will be the last version of windows, whether that means that windows will forever be 2D or that something other than windows will replace it for VR applications is uncertain but I can tell you that linux is already ahead of it thanks to the various small projects that are being worked on, it's only a matter of time before everything falls into place. and that's where it all starts really, the small groups trying to take advantage of a new technology that they only begin to grasp. this is the dawning of a new age of technology, one where the virtual and the real are not really separate but like two sides of a looking glass, and that age is already reaching out and affecting everything we do. tablets merging with and replacing laptops. Game consoles that track and transmit all your thoughts and movements into the virtual world then transmit that world back to you in a way that makes you believe you are there and not just looking at a screen. cars that drive themselves. it is a world where you can be sitting at home while flying a space ship around saturn's rings with your mind, it is a world where your best friend and companion need not be human. and it is a world where children will play with technology from birth and be able to learn and grow faster than ever before. but all this comes at a cost, those who control these growing technologies will quite literally rule the world, this is the price warned about for decades by science fiction writers, where our governments are nothing more than facades pupetted by the powerful multinational corporations that even now reach out to control the world. the cyberpunk future has arrived, are you ready for it? are you really ready for a post modern age of wonders to entire your deepest imaginings? even if it comes at a price that will freeze your soul? here are some images to show examples of this world and just remember, this is only the beginning! this is spookyZalost, Signing off!
  3. so I'll make this short and sweet but still full of technical goodness... so I discovered this last year when I got my 720p HDTV (yes 720p there's a good reason for this!) alright so a few things, first of all most tv's these days have two game changers for all you retrogamers out there. the first one is that the green port on the RGB is also the Video signal for RCA (red yellow white), I actually had this explained to me by the sales man at bestbuy, and I didn't believe him until I hooked it up my self and was pleasantly surprised, testing it with my sega genesis of course! now the second big change, and this is important, many HDTV's even store brand ones, come with very impressive composite video comb filters, what is a comb filter you ask? well it's an electronic chip who's job is literally to clean up and improve the quality of composite signal. things have changed a lot since composite first came onto the scene, and while at one point you would need either a Cathode Ray Tube Television (CRT), or a SCART adapter/RGB mod to get the best quality this isn't completely true anymore. basically, modern HDTV's actually clean up the image of composite video devices very nicely, and up scale 240p signal with little to no pixelation/stretching like they used to! now I don't have a modern 1080p tv to test this with but I got 720p for two reasons, #1 it had the most features for the price (Especially for a retrogamer like myself), and #2 even if the upscaling was terrible, 240p to 720p would look far better than 240p to 1080p. this is also true for Laser Disk players, which have built in comb filters, but modern HDTV's improve upon the already existing image there. (I have one and can state this to be true ^_^) in all honesty if you want to go budget and have a bunch of old consoles lying around, getting a cheap hdtv made in the last couple years is probably the best option. but as far as quality, SCART to HDMI with HDMI and/or SCART switches is the best one simply because of the reasons I listed in the previous thread about SCART vs Composite video. anyway I hope this was informative! SpookyZalost, Signing off.
  4. Ask Zalost questions thread.

    post here questions you would like to ask me and I will answer them on camera in my next Q&A session! so think carefully
  5. so I've noticed that some users have this capabilities and some do not, for some reason when gafibla or scififan68 posts a YT link, it makes it into a video you can playback, but for me it just gives me the link... any idea why this might be? I'm really just curious if I haven't done something right or maybe there's a glitch somewhere?
  6. Journey to the stars

    Space... The Final Frontier... have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered just what is out there? ever asked yourself what lies deep into the void across the sea of stars which we watch with curious eyes from our home? this is a tale of just such a people, like you, like me, but different, Little Green men from the planet Kerbal in the kerbol system in a galaxy far far away. it is the dream of every sentient to reach beyond that which they know, to attain the unknown either because they fear it or because they wish to understand it so that they no longer fear it. many such beings try to attain flight so that they may travel where none have gone before, soaring above the world they've only seen from the surface. here is one such vehicle, a design based on excessive force and lift. most times their attempts end in failure, sometimes with lethal consequences. but those who learn from the mistakes of the ones before them occasionally do succeed, and when they do, our hearts and minds are pushed onward and upwards, to new goals and new challenges. this is the story of a people who went beyond their home into the cold unforgiving depths of space, where no person from their world had ever dreamed of going before. TO BE CONTINUED...
  7. so for those of you that don't know, a laser disc was a CD of sorts, it was the size of a vinyl record and had 2 sides from which to store video, Movie's were usually stored on 1 or 2 discs depending on the length of the film and you had to flip them over/switch the discs when each side was done (some players like the one I have automatically reads the other side.). This is an example taken by me from my living quarters showing off the LD player I own with a disc in the drive. a lot of movies were out on laser disc that are not out on DVD, and if you want to get a format from before DVD, LD was the highest quality, and in some cases still was until Blu-Ray came along. a lot of movies were ported from LD to DVD/Blu ray as it was the highest quality format at the time, especially in the case where the original flim strips were lost. TV shows and anime were also available on laser disc. there are two types of laser disc, CAV and CLV, the main difference is how much time is stored per side of the disc. the format came out in 1978, about 8 months before VHS, and though VHS dominated the market because of price Laser disc was the highest quality video format until 2004/2006 DVD technology finally surpassed it as far as video clarity and quality.the Discs stopped being made in 2001 making this a collectors piece now.also of note is that audio quality was only recently surpassed by blu-ray's high definition audio content, such is the nature of analog formats! typically the players are quite expensive for a decent quality one even now, but the discs can range on average from $5 to $25 though occasionally more if it's a rare one. I can attest that the movies look fine on modern HDTV's and the sound quality in many cases beat most DVD versions. hope you enjoyed my explanation here, and post comments below if you have any questions!