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Repairing an Old school Nintendo (NES)

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Greetings, Today is going to be a very special Tutorial, We're going to fix an old school NES! (short for Nintendo Entertainment System).

now I won't even go into details why you shouldn't do this unless you know what you're doing, the primary reason being, you can make your console a paperweight.

with that out of the way let's begin.

first here's the tools you need.


A long phillips screw driver

A pair of pliers

a pair of tweezers

a multimeter

Optional: helping hands with magnifying glass for more detailed repairs (Experts only)

ok first let's have a look at the console we're going to open up and work on.


red light = powers on, That's a good sign! that means it has power!


Displays image, also a good sign, however...


Oh no! something's not working right... alright let's get this started then!

first, see if the cart is connecting ok, in this case I was using a copy of super mario world, cartridge goes into the front like so.


after some jiggling I got a clear picture again, but this is indicative of a bad connection with the cartridge, after a quick cleaning of the cartridge the issue persists so let's open it up.

Step 1: Remove the six screws on the bottom (circled in red)


this is where you need the long phillips.

Step 2: take the bottom off the case revealing the motherboard and insides.


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