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The Dynamic City of Adlain

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Hey all, I thought it was about time to start my own thread here for C:S since I always just post my pictures in chat and they get lost in the chatter.

For now I will post creations I made that I won't be able to recover since the new update broke my old saved games :(



I started this city with the intention of filling the whole map with it. The next step in that was to build a feasible freeway system.


Note how the city had changed in this particular area


Here's a shot of the main town area and the expressway.

That's all I have for now, thanks for looking.


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Good news! I somehow got my old save file to work and I have been working on continuing my plans!

The first thing I have to build is a brand new freeway to connect the oil industry district with the existing freeway. It's going to be a lot of work!


The Dean (Oil) District. It has a train connection with 3 cargo stations within 1/2 mile and still is not enough to transport goods. The one road out of the district is always clogged with vans & trucks trying to get out of town.


The culprit is this tight diamond freeway interchange. The lights have been timed and synchronized for maximum efficiency, but the capacity has been reached! This is actually as good as traffic gets here.


While the traffic continues to suck I have been working on this new interchange that will service a both freeways and a number of surface streets within the vicinity.


A huge flyover. I am converting this into a full 4 way interchange because in the future I hope to continue this freeway into the heart of the city to act as a downtown spur. Right now it ends immediately after all the lanes merge and continues on as a normal 4 lane road into town.



I've constructed a large 6 lane road straight out that converts into the freeway. This freeway will possibly continue out to the edge of the map, so this is a potential diamond interchange.

Thanks for looking!


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Thank you all for your thoughtful comments, I do work hard on my transportation projects and even plan them out for the future unlike most design-build projects out there :P

I have returned this time to let you all know I have finished the all 8 ramps for this interchange, it was not an easy task.


While I did already finish the 5 ramps seen here, the tallest (33 meters = 108 feet) and longest ramp (bridge section is 1,104 meters = 3,621 feet) is the one that I anticipate will be the heaviest traveled in the whole interchange for now, so I have constructed it as a 2 lane flyover to accommodate the truck traffic. This is thanks to the information I accumulated at the diamond interchange before going forward with this project. Also due to the fact that many vehicles will use this flyover I have set the radius of the curve at 532 meters to allow for high speed travel.


While I was working on the rest of the interchange I allowed traffic to use the newly built ramp. The traffic report tool seen here shows the data for the moment I clicked on the ramp. Approximately 35 vehicles per signal cycle (42 seconds) were allowed onto the freeway at the interchange, which, according to the data given to us by this traffic report tool, was obviously not enough since there were at least 73 vehicles programmed to take the left turn at any given time. The jams on the road were real nasty, so there were probably more than that many vehicles stuck on the road. The signal cycle of 42 seconds was just enough to keep the trail of traffic consistent for a while.


Here is a graphic of how traffic stands just at the completion of this flyover. There still is no ramp to go eastbound from northbound so the traffic that requires this still continues on at the diamond interchange.


Work on the final flyover has been completed, its bridge portion is just 100 meters shorter than the flyover opposite. This one was more difficult to construct as I have a standard road offset of 32 meters on center. Notice how the freeway curves on both the north side and east side (top and right, respectively). I could not get this flyover to be as symmetrical as the one opposite because of this, although it is still very similar in shape and stature to it. This flyover only has one traffic lane because not many people travel eastbound on the freeway perpendicular from the north.


This image shows the (finally) completed interchange. All ramps have been opened to traffic and is flowing nice and easy with about 475 vehicles using the interchange per day/night cycle. I have designed this interchange with the capacity of 800 vehicles per day in its current state. At a final cost of $628,629 and taking up 2 (in game) years to complete, this was most definitely my most ambitions project to date taking into account the initial challenge that I had to remove congestion at the diamond interchange, I have done just that and more!

I took so many screenshots of my progress I just put them all into an Imgur album if you are interested in having a look at the rest of the images.

Thanks for looking!


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As you expected I love all the graphics stats, and traffic analysis ..

You took the time to give full explanations and descriptions.., love that in a quality Cj update..

My favorite part of the update was the analysis you did on the routing and what ramps and so forth are still needed..

Nice engineering work there on your part :P

I know there a lot of work ( these types of updates) but i hope you will consider doing them this way from time time. I feel they are well worth the effort really..

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Wow! I love the in depth content this update contains! It is always nice to see the technical sides to things rather than just the eye-candy! :)

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I did not like the current city layout even though I had been working on it for so long, this may be the last image from that city you will see.


In an attempt to re-layout the city freeways I constructed this interchange, but I noticed most of the truck traffic was only using one direction anyway. This interchange used to be a normal diamond with a 4 lane avenue but I upgraded it as congestion was getting really bad.

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Okay never mind that last comment about the last image from this city. I am just too quick to give up, but I realized I suck for doing that. So no more of it.

I have been running my game in offline mode for fear of losing the functionality of the old fine road heights mod, which IMO works much better than the integrated road tools Colossal Order has introduced. It is not funky in any way like how it is now.

I've been working on restructuring the layout of the highways and surface streets surrounding the highways to make it look much more natural and such.


I am also going to rebuild the interchange I had built earlier because I am a perfectionist and I want it to be as perfect as I can get it. Here you can see the freeway has been raised and moved to be smoother with both directions starting/ending at a loop.


I quickly realized what a bad idea this was as truck traffic was not using the freeway entrance since it was not directly in their path through the city. Traffic is supposed to get on the freeway by taking 2 right turns at the intersection above; however, trucks instead opted to take one right turn and take the city streets to the industrial section of the city. I find this incredibly annoying as this freeway was meant to be an express for those trucks, which takes them directly to the district.


In this image you can see how lazy I can get by not building an actual interchange. This set up works well enough, but I am in the planning stages of a new stack interchange so it will look similar to the previous configuration. You can see how I've connected this freeway to end at an intersection with the avenues so truck traffic may enter the freeway directly in the top right of the screenshot. This way traffic takes the freeway straight to its destination. At the bottom you can see how I've terminated the freeway, but this will be explained in a later update.


Here is how the city stands at the moment. I am soon going to relocate most of the residences and industrial zones on the right to areas more to the top right and top of the image. It will be painstaking to do so as I really love the road layouts I have there, but I believe it must be done to look more realistic.

Thanks for looking!

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yes u have done a good job restructuring all the road lay outs..

I think you have succeeded in giving this a more "natural transit " look as you intended here..

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Besides working on the freeways I have had a railroad which I have been planning to elevate for a long time. I finally got around to doing that!


The rail terminates abruptly, as you can see. This is because I haven't planned out exactly how I want it to extend thru downtown and the outskirts of the city.


I've had this passenger station for a while now, and it works great. I had to raise the ground beneath the station in order to place it, which was tedious since the railroad curves at the end there.



In addition to working on the railroad I've constructed a half interchange to allow trucks to enter the freeway. I've realized they only roam around the city after they complete their loads and have no other way to enter the freeways.


At the moment there are only on ramps but I plan to include off ramps when they are needed.

The termination of the southern freeway was too abrupt so I figured it would only do well to connect it to the grid properly. Traffic seems to be using it excellently.


It only raises like a berm because I still plan on having it elevated as it cuts thru the cityscape.

That's all for now, thanks for looking!

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It is really nice to see some great rail pics posted in CS..

I am not sure how involved the functional aspects are as compared to SC 4 , but they sure are a lot more 

aesthetically pleasing than Sim city 4 !! :huh:

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Thank you very much for your comments! It appears my city developments are mostly traffic related, I may as well work for the DOT.


So here I have been reconnecting the freeway which ended at the grid quickly. I thought I have enough funding for this so I just went ahead and built it, as the planning was done already.


I always begin working on highways as roads, because highways do not build or snap with the cell grid that normal roads are built with. This makes it much easier to get perfect, symmetrical freeways.


Here we see the viaduct as it cuts through the city. None of the bridges have been connected to the ground lanes yet.


I had a center road to act as an express lane for both directions; however it would have not worked out so well as it would have been very difficult to construct.




Nearing completion here.


The freeway link has been finished. I've reconfigured the old system interchange to better direct traffic and added slip ramps for traffic turning right.While there are no service interchanges on the new freeway yet, I am very pleased with the outcome. I know where I will have to place 2, possibly 3 new interchanges in the coming years to overcome any future traffic problems.

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I think working with traffic related issues , it opens up a lot of enjoyment in terms of the functional aspects of CS..

So I am glad to see you getting much enjoyment out of this important engineering oriented functional component of the game

Also i like very much your (in- progress) construction pic of your developing highway..


thanks for this new update,


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