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Rennmont County

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So I've never posted a city journal anywhere, so I'm not exactly sure what format or how rapidly (or opposite of) I'll post updates, but definitely wanted to share my current project with everyone.


So this is the region of Rennmont



Newly opened to development by the completion of the highway and railway, and ready for groundbreaking to begin. As the sole individual in charge of planning, executing, and running the county of Rennmont, I've decided that I'd begin development small, to judge desire to move to the region. With that in mind, decided that the best place to begin planning in this area is the small island in between the mainland and "the finger" at the bottom of the map.


After groundbreaking in the area with the construction of several wind turbines to provide power, and the new town's water treatment and pumping center to provide water and sewage, this is the road layout I came up with for the start of the new town, which I have taken to calling Colfax Village, after the mountain (Mt. Colfax) that it sits next to. Because I didn't plan the railway or the highway through this region, I had to work my highway exits and entrances underground, otherwise I would have trashed the railway, which, according to the Governor is a "no go", however, because the highway this far down would almost exclusively be used by people immigrating to the region, I was allowed to make minor modifications to that system.

Here's a nice close-up shot of our water treatment facilities:


People have started to move in, quickly. Here's a shot of our bustling commercial district from the intersection of Junction Blvd. and Central Ave.:


Thankfully, I'm a patient guy, and as soon as I started to get a ~$1,000 surplus, I just sat on that sucker, that sort of patience pays off, and I ended up with a full treasury. You can see in this picture that I had just starting expanding my cities services, and so the expense:income ratio hadn't quite leveled back out yet.

Here's what I was spending on:


Colfax High School, complete with it's own football stadium and track and field facility. The students of Colfax Village will be glad not to have to make the several hour ride back and forth to the nearest high school, which is not even in the region, anymore.


Here's a picture of the Isle of Colfax after a bit of expanding:


The island houses about 5,500 residents between Colfax Village and the little town on top of Mt. Colfax, and pretty much uses up all the available space on the island. There is no shortage of people looking to move to the area though, so with the Isle of Colfax full, I'm going to have to decide where to develop next...

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It's actually 4 of these:

Then I use More Beautification, Road Anarchy, and Prop Anarchy to add the concrete underneath, the fence around it, the planters, etc.  So it's basically a custom set-up using the small clarifier as the base.


The roads work very well for a smallish town, especially once I got a few bus lines running between the "hotspots". There is a little bit of a jam up during the rush hours (I'm using the rush hour mod) at the intersection the heads out to the highway, but mostly it flows like wine.

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They are. I made the "original" sewage treatment plant on the workshop...

it was the first one that could have pipes hooked up to it (the original release of the game didn't copy the pipe connections when you made a new water asset, but I managed to work around it with some hex editing), but it's ugly because I'm not an artist.

I'll make a bigger treatment plant for the big city, but the four clarifiers and the water tower are probably overkill for the small island.

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So, I'm fielding some input from those that read the first post, should I expand onto the mainland, or set up some farms and another smaller community down on the finger? I'm leaning towards the farms and another small community down on the finger, as high density stuff hasn't been unlocked yet, but I could maybe try to work another suburb on the mainland as well.

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So I decided to set up another small community with some farming, timber, and oil industries on "the finger", which is actually and island, so "the finger" may have been a poor choice of nicknames...


That's the basic layout for the main roads, and a good overview of the island. Once again, I got permission to mess with the highway running through the area, this time to add a 4 way interchange, again I was told that it was OK as long as I didn't mess with the railway. No problem, I bridged the rails and all is well.


Here's a nice shot of the new interchange:

I admit it might be a tiny bit fancy, with the raised roundabout and all, but I needed something that would bridge the rails easily, so this design fit my needs.

With the main artery road layout down, I had to start planning the more detailed road layout, I knew I wanted one main town on the western portion of the island, across the highway from the large farming area...

This is the layout we ended up going with at the start.
As you can see with ended up needing another water treatment facility, the output of the small facility in Colfax Village was just not enough to meet the projected needs of this new island, especially with all the irrigation required for farming. This new facility should last the entire region for quite a while before we require either an upgrade or a new facility on the mainland.


Here's a close up of the new facility:

It currently houses 2 aerator basins, 4 small clarifiers, 1 large clarifier, 1 sludge treatment tank, a research facility, and the administration offices for the entire Rennmont County Water Authority.


Once all the services where up and running, it was time to set the town limits for the various areas that will be co-inhabiting this island...


We've got Franklin Farms on the east end of the island.  They were the only thing on that side of the highway until the commission of Switzer Hills, though I'll get to that in a few...on the west end of the island we have the town of Hemdale, south of Hemdale is the Hemdale Oil Co. which we are hoping will be a driving economic force in the region in the future. To the north of Hemdale is Hemdale Farms, another farming community. Finally to the east, of Hemdale is Hemdale Forest, a hub for the timber industry in the region.

Unfortunately, as you can see from this picture, we just don't have enough workers to fill all the jobs that Hemdale Oil, the farming, or the timber industries require. Even with a completely developed Hemdale, the timber and oil industries have barely blossomed, and the farming industry is almost non-existent.

This led to the commission of a new community just east of the highway, but west of Franklin Farms, Switzer Hills.


Switzer Hills was meant to be a middle/working class community to feed the industries in the area. The housing style there is completely different than the styles found in Colfax or Hemdale, instead of individual houses, Switzer hills opts for multi family brick apartment buildings. Currently, the influx of workers thanks to Switzer Hills is pushing the demand for new industrial jobs up, which encourages the industries to expand. However, it's still slow going as far as industrial development is concerned.


I'll leave you now with this final photo of the region:

You can see that even with both Hemdale and Switzer Hills developed, there is still a lack of industry development. We'll have to wait and see if the new settlement helps the growth, or if it's just a case of too much industry and not enough room for workers. If the later is the case, the industry may not truly spring up until high density development begins in the region. Which will only happen after we break ground on the mainland.

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So I was down in Switzer Hills and managed to get some better shots of the neighborhood to better illustrate the difference between it's layout and architecture and the normal suburban houses of the other neighborhoods in the region.

There's a shot looking SE towards the Switzer Hills Church of Religion. You can see that each apartment can easily house at least two families, some house up to 4. This did eventually help with some of the industry, filing many jobs at Hemdale Oil Co., but it didn't help with the farming or timber industries around the island.

While I was in the area, I also took a picture of the commercial area in Hemdale...they just got a McDonald's, which I guess is a big deal...

And here's an aerial photo of the Hemdale High School campus:

So after leaving Hemdale I headed over to the mainland to check out the new construction on the new road network for the first neighborhood on the mainland, Fenswick Park.


The roundabout and the highway exit were pre-existing architecture, and we were told not to mess with them for whatever reason, so working around the absolutely too large "highway doughnut" and the coast, this is what we came up with. Fenswick Park is mostly going to be a low/middle income residential neighborhood, with the commercial services behind handled along the straight boulevard coming out of the bottom point of the triangle.Also along this bottom boulevard is the emergency response services for this, and possibly another, neighborhood.


Here's a shot from the bottom point of the triangle once some buildings had been completed. They're still pretty small at this point, but already, the industries over by Hemdale are filling up. I'll try to get some shots of the farms the next time I'm out that way.

Here's a night shot from the bottom point after some of the buildings were upgraded:


And here's one looking south towards Colfax Island from the can see Mt. Colfax in the distance.


Here's an aerial of the entire neighborhood after all the construction was finished:

Not quite sure where to go next, but the region is shaping up quite nicely now, here's a flyover shot of the entire developed region all lit up:

There's some businesses complaining about not having enough goods to sell, so I think some focus on an industrial district and a main cargo trainyard are due up soon, if not the next major project.

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Just a quick update on what's going on in Rennmont County, we just laid out our first major industrial district. It will bring major job production into the area, and is equipped with a cargo train hub, that can handle lots of rail traffic. This took a ton of time and resources, so you could say we basically bet the farm on this, the region is out a million and a half dollars on the road construction alone...


I can't wait to see the cargo hub fill up with goods and trailers! If it doesn't Rennmont County might have a lot of explaining to do to the Governor, and I'm not sure that he'll extend my near unilateral powers to continue developing the area...

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 I really think your off to a great start with new CJ

Sorry it has taken me so long to do my first post here.

But you have a super good variety of pics here..

Thanks so much for your efforts so far !

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4 minutes ago, god_donut said:

Is the railyard a custom asset or did you just use a bunch of plopable concrete?

I tediously concreted and graveled the area myself, otherwise it would be all open grass, which looks really bizarre to me. It's probably about 150 cells x 80 cells (don't have the exact specifics off the top of my head), so even with the sub-building enabler to allow for larger footprints, it's still much too large to be a custom asset.

It's also a WIP, right now I just put the basics down to sort of give me a working footprint, there will be other stuff going on, and it won't be so "bare".

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Thanks, I also really liked that high school shot. The angled parking lot is a pretty neat effect that I really didn't "intend" to get, it just sort of happened due to the way the parking lots fit on the road.

I hope to work more on the industrial area tonight, but it depends on what's going on with the family tonight.

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So quick update about the train station and industrial area, The cargo yard was a huge success, and trains from all over have been using it regularly. The road system seems to hold up nicely even with the increased stress of traffic.


The industrial area hadn't been piped yet in that photo, so no buildings had developed, however once we got basic services laid down, the area took off. Unfortunately, it kept raining and raining, and I couldn't get a good photo. I'll head back over there soon and snap one for you guys.

The additional manufacturing creates additional waste, and our current waste management facilities were just not up to the task of taking care of it, so we invested heavily in a green option and built a gigantic recycling facility to manage all the waste.

This facility is capable of processing large quantities and produces very little in the way of pollution, which is exactly what we were hoping for when we invested in the facility. Unfortunately, it's not cheap to run, so we'll have to keep an eye on the budget for the time being. However, the influx of manufacturing jobs should balance out the cost of such a huge recycling plant.

There's a developed Hemdale Farms. The fields are newly planted, so there's not a lot of visible evidence of them yet, but trust me, they're there.

And here's Franklin Farms, same deal, not a ton of evidence of planting yet, but give it a few months...


I'll leave you guys, as usual, with an overhead shot of the developed region. You can see that the industrial district did indeed take off (I promise, pictures are coming), you can also see the relative size of the new recycling facility, just outside of Fenswick Park, by the coast.


While waiting for the budget to stabilize after the construction of the recycling facility, the city counsel thought it would be a good idea to make some beautification jobs top priority since they should be relatively inexpensive while we wait for things to even back out.

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So beautiful at night. :D I like the farms the most, I cannot wait to see them when everything is visible. :) Excellent work on the industry, you seem to have found a good balance that your city likes. :)

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I finally got some shots of the industrial area while it wasn't dark or raining, it's separated into two distinct regions, Industrial Park East is entirely warehouses and small manufacturing, while Industrial Park West is home to more traditional factories. Here's a picture of IP East from the overpass that leads out to the train yard.


and here's a picture of IP West from the same overpass:

Here's the entrance to the train yard, with the weigh station, and inspection lot. Everyone entering the train yard must go through this checkpoint.

Both Colossal Mills and ZCo Manufacturing leased the empty lots within the train depot and set up factories there. The lease revenue was a tremendous boon that allowed us to stop worrying about finances for the immediate moment.

We also finished the beautification projects within Fenswick Park, so it's looking a lot less bare.



I also managed to get out to Franklin Farms and Hemdale Farms for pictures of the farms after the crops started showing...



If you look closely at the pictures, you'll be able to spot Rennmont County's next big project, financed by the Colossal Mills and ZCo. leases...

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I actually wrote a mod that allowed for toll booths to collect money. The only caveat is that the amount is figured from the total amount of cars on the map, because there's no efficient way to figure out how many cars are on a particular type of road. 

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