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Simmania Staff Positions - Information

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In light of some people asking me and Aldini about staff positions, I feel the need to briefly explain how staff positions (moderator, administrator, etc) are appointed on Simmania.

  1. Asking for a staff position simply does not work. We don't appoint staff positions to someone just because they asked for a position. Campaigning for a staff position does not work either and is a great way to ensure that you won't get a position at all.
  2. While it's fine to "put a good word in" for someone, the decision to promote someone is ultimately with administration and their impressions of the candidate for promotion.
  3. There are no set guidelines on eligibility. However, the member in question in most cases is a member for at least a year or more and is in good standing (no former bans and no recent warnings). For chat moderator positions, number of forum posts are mostly irrelevant as long as the person in consideration is active in chat. For sectional moderator positions, the person must be routinely active in the board they wish to moderate.
  4. Promotions work from the bottom up. New staff members start as chat moderators or sectional moderators, and are then promoted to global moderator, and then administrator.
  5. To become a moderator, you must first act like a moderator. This doesn't mean backseat moderating or mediating, this means getting involved in decisions, putting forth your input, contributing ideas, and doing what you can to help the site and community. 

I hope this clears some things up.


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