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Omni's Cities XXL/XL Showcase

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Thanks for the positive feedback/comments guys. Very well appreciated :)

Here is another shot of Gramercy Park for your viewing pleasing.



And the first shot of another city I am working on and will show more of later

the city of Copeland


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wow , thanks for this Omni

Yes actually these new shots of the park are actually even better than your previous pics and postings

with these parks your working on , Sometimes we forget you how good and clean the graphics were with Cities XL,

It really was and still is a great city building game as far as the aesthetics are concerned..

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Thanks Ceafus

Here are more pics...

Before road texture mod update


After road texture mod update



Might photoshop that sign lateron into a Church sign. Kinda seems like an eyesore as is...



More Updates on my other city Mekong



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Yeah I know. I wish there was a sloping mod in XL for this but there isn't. atm at least...

Some sad news I bring to you guys. A few of my cities have been for now compromised due to the game crashing. I'm not sure if it is a conflicting mod or another issue. Who knows at this point.

Hopefully La Junta is still playable. and I will try and fix this issue so I can continue posting updates. 

If not I will have to start new cities.

Which isn't necessarily a bad thing either. As i was never too happy with the road layout of the current ones.

Anyways I'll keep everyone posted. :)

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