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Pages from the System's Commonwealth

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with stellaris coming out in just over 9 hours I want to try a different kind of player diary, so I'm reserving what I'm calling a stellaris empire log.
Half fictional story half game log, with pictures ta boot.

if anyone else picks up this game feel free to do something similar! ^_^

this will also be my first paradox game so be kind lol.

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Name: The System's Commonwealth
Government: Despotic Hegemony
ruler: Ludremex
Species: Kalaxenan
FTL Method: Hyperspace
Home System: Baanth Vir

in the eons since the first primitive kalaxenan communities took shape in the dry canyons and mesas of bannthur, our civilization has spread and prospered.

Despite our rapid progression through the technological ages, as a species we were fragmented and inefficient.  A new system emerged during these chaotic times that delivered us from superstitious beliefs and brought order to society.  some resisted this change out of irrational fear, but after several pacification wars they too became productive components of a greater whole.

Now, After the discovery of Hyperdrive travel, the finest minds of the commonwealth have finished development of the first FTL drives, the stars themselves are finally within our grasp!

Leader/Race portrait


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CY 2200.1.15

Log entry for captain Mixordem of the Commonwealth Science Vessel Lorod-Kundex, Lorod-Gexad Class.

we've launched from spacedock, the ship checks out and all systems are functional, after many ages of exploring our homeworld with grand skyships like the CAS Lorod-Gexad our people are finally reaching beyond our small world into the skies above.
may the glory of the council and the pursuit of knowledge grant us the wisdom to carry on as we step off into the void beyond.

our fist mission is to test out our equipment by performing a detailed scan on our home system baanth vir.
What the council sees in this effort I have no idea because I'm excited to begin exploring new worlds beyond our home.
however the council reigns supreme in all matters.
Long live the commonwealth!

CY 2200.4.22

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

after exploring our own system we began getting strange readings on the surface of the planet Kitadul, the third planet in our home system, after sending my readings back the council feels it would be prudent to investigate this matter further, I guess it's going to take a while before we truly reach out to new worlds and the unknown reaches of space.

CY 2200.6.17

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

it's been nearly two months but after exhaustively exploring what turned out to be nothing more than natural geometric rock formations the council is satisfied our equipment works without issue.

on the bright side the rocks on the surface seem to act like a marker of some kind, a signpost which only increases my desire to leave home.

CY 2200.8.9

Council report on unknown contact at the edge of the system

after much deliberation and research time we've finally managed to get a probe out to the creatures which appeared on the edge of our system just over a day ago.  after close examination they appear to be some kind of living ships which travel using an as of yet unknown method of Faster than light propulsion.  their hulls are completely organic and appear to use long tendrils for both defense and movement through the void.  Their designation has been given to Alpha Aliens until we can gleam further details about their behavior.  of note however are the stories that the historical and anthropological groups have brought to light, it seems this isn't the first time these entities have visited our world, though it has been some time as the previous records were mostly legends and carvings from some of our earliest civilizations.

included is an image of the creatures for the council's purview.


Mining committee report on resources from recently scouted bodies in home system

after studying the data brought back thus far from the Lorod-Kundex we were able to determine that the largest moon of Gulec which our ancestors named Gekoler contains large quantities of minerals, this is good because so far the system has seemed relatively dry as far as what we need to continue building and expanding the Commonweath, we recommend you construct a refinery in orbit at the earliest convenience.

CY 2200.9.3

Log Entry for Fleet Admiral Kulegaf of the home system defense fleet

After over a month of relatively basic study the entities left from whence they came moving on to whatever seems to be their purpose, one thing is certain however, we are not alone and we are not prepared for what might await us beyond our home system, but we will be the next time.

CY 2201.2.27

Log entry for Captain  Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

after having been in space a year my team and I have finally finished our scan's of the system finishing off in what has to be the most beautiful world orbiting our home star, the planet was affectionately named Futexom after the ancient god of wisdom among one of the many ancient cultures of our planet.  the council will be happy with what we've discovered, the gaseous planet is rich in Helium 3 and would serve well for mining energy rich materials, also of note is the largest moon Kutel which seemed to be rich in minerals.  I find it fitting that this is the last world we will see before we are sent out into the void far from home finally testing our new Hyperspace Engines, farewell Baanthur, may knowledge guide your way for years to come.


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Looks like a very interesting game. I wish you well in your endeavors in exploring space for Baanthur.

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I agree with TC,

Spook, thanks for posting such a new and interesting game.

I hope you will continue with these updates my friend

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CY 2201.3.01

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

after a little over a year studying our own system the council feels that it's time to finally reach out and discover new worlds around new suns, as of 0800 hours we began preparations to make the jump to hyperspace, the awe felt by the crew was unquestioned as space it's self seemed to contract and expand before stretching out in front of us for mere moments as the ship traversed the higher dimensions connecting our home system to nearby stars.

after some discomfort requiring large numbers of the crew to take anti-nausea drugs we reached the star system known as the Revak a few short light years away, from our experience the science team tells us that the aptly named hyper lanes only connect nearby gravity wells to each other so while travel is near instantaneous there is still the limiting factor of how far we can go as calculating the jumps take's time even when traversing stable dimensional corridors between stars.

CY 2201.3.30

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

After communicating with our homeworld it seems an error was made some how, time dilation affects are apparent in hyperspace as while it was only mere moments for us, we appeared to vanish for almost a full month causing mass panic back home.
The quantum communications network still allows almost real time communications within a reasonable amount of delay but this was still not planned for, and it seems that any further hyperspace jumps will need to be adjusted for accordingly in case we ever encounter something else out there.

of further note, we began surveying the closest planet to our hyperjump entry point which is the second planet in the Revak system, a large ringed gas giant.
The council has yet to come up with a name for it though initial scans for resources are not promising.
Attached is an image for the science council's purview.

(OOC, Authors Note: suggest names to help the council guys!)


CY 2201.6.8

Defense Ministry Log.

At 0900 hours today the head of the physics department mysteriously vanished in an unfinished prototype vessel.
His whereabouts are unknown at this time however foul play is suspected.

teams were dispatched but have turned up nothing.

the up and coming Particle Physicist Klandrax has been elected to replace him.

CY 2201.7.3

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

due to our ship being the only one equipped for deep space exploration and complex sensor analysis at this time we have been deployed to begin the search for the missing head of the physics department, after receiving a few different sets of coordinates we stopped our study of the Revak system and began heading out to the edge of the gravity well to begin hyperjump preparations.

CY 2201.8.6

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

we entered the Pithria system where the last known signal for the experimental ship came from.
after a couple day's of searching we found no trace of of the missing ship and scientist.

next we are checking the supposed destination of the hyperjump that the ship vanished from, it's two jumps out so it will take time to reach.

CY 2201.9.5

Council report on the previously unknown life form.

the spaceborne entity which entered our system last year has now become known as a tiyanki, they are fairly similar to herbivoric life which seems to frequent our planet though they graze on hydrogen and helium rather than complex plant life.
though it is unlikely that this is their only food source we've yet to see anything else, they are docile though and will only attack if they have no choice, choosing to run if provoked.

CY 2201.9.11

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

the exit system for the hyperjump was also a cold lead, it is unfortunate because the longer it takes to search for him the less likely we are to find him, we've only one last place to check and it's several jumps out, after all this my crew will be getting a well deserved shore leave.

also of note the hydrovoric life forms first encountered back home were detected in this system which has been aptly named millistamu, a survey will be conducted later as the system contains a large asteroid belt which may be rich in minerals.

CY 2201.12.09

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

we have a problem, it seems that the quickest route to reach the remaining search location is swarming with some kind of space based silicoid life forms, they are very hostile and my crew and I barely got out before they swarmed the ship, this further complicates things but the stellar cartography departments assures me there is another way to the exit system, though it will take even longer to reach.

Please note, it is important to avoid the beta hydri sistem until further study can be done.

attached is a quickly taken image for the research council.


CY 2202.2.24

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

while traversing the hyperspace lanes we picked up a faint technological signal that was not our own, could this be another species? we shall find out in time, as the research council is having their societal and linguistic teams attempt to decode the messages contained within.

CY 2202.3.8

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

further discoveries, it seems more space born life forms exist than we could even dream of.

the scans are being sent back to the science council for further study.

attached is an image for further purview.


CY 2202.5.20

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

after nearly a year we finally picked up a signal that might be our missing ship, we hope, we shall find out as we enter the system and approach it with our sublight engines.

CY 2202.5.21

Log entry for Captain Mixordem of the CSV Lorod-Kundex

after opening communication with the missing scientist it appears he made the trip on purpose and has no desire to return home.
we are not a combat fleet and as such don't have the equipment to force him to return, however he has gifted us with some highly studied research probes that were repaired and discovered at the edge of this system known only as Viriak

after the scientist left the system the probes began powering up and became hostile, the combat fleet has been dispatched but it will take some time to reach here as the route through beta hydri is too dangerous due to the crystaline entities present in the system.

until then we have to wait and hope.

CY 2202.7.24

Log Entry for Fleet Admiral Kulegaf of the home system defense fleet

we have finally reached the Viriak system, if that scientist is going to attack his own people, then we have to deal with him, but before we can, it seems we have some drones to take apart.

CY 2202.11.14

Astrobiology division of science council report.

after much research we have finished our reports on the two new life forms recently discovered in nearby systems.

the crystalline entities seem sentient and fairly territorial thus their attacks on our ships, though we have no samples to study a program has been initiated to gather some.

as for the other life form, it appears to resemble microbial mutlicellular life in a much more macro scale, though instead of consuming other life forms, it appears to be lithovoric and very territorial.

in both the hydrovore and the Lithovore life forms cases, they use a sub dimension for travel completely different to our hyperspace travel, this allows them unlimited travel rather than along hyperlanes, though less efficient.

Combat report from Fleet Admiral Kulegaf.

the drones were hostile, as soon as we came in range they attacked our ships, in our then resultant combat we lost one of our ships, this cannot go unpunished and if that scientist is found, (he covered his tracks well), then he will face punishment back on banthur.

the fleet is returning home for repairs in the mean time.

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What is quite cool is it sorta also reads just like a highly interesting novel, in addition to its assets as being a great game to play im sure .. Nice post again here, Spook !

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