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Pupper Realms: General Info

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Send me a message with your MC name and I (might) send you an invite.

Pupperton, other towns:

Before building in Pupperton or Brook Forest, consult me. Before building in Witfeld or the taiga north of it, consult TC. We may or may not approve your request. Everything goes outside of town. Keep it further away (2000+ blocks on both coordinates) if it's outlandish/doesn't fit the metropolis and/or rural town feel of the Pupperton area and its surrounding forests and mountains.

Pupperton is the largest town and includes the airport, brick house subdivision, big box stores, baseball field, airport, and WTC replica.

Witfeld is in the gravel mountains just north of downtown Pupperton. Also in the area are the communities of Bensonville, Northwoods, and Cranberry.

Brook Forest is southwest of the airport and currently has no buildings. 

Other developments include the Ceafus village in the roofed forest along rural eastbound Highway 522, and Darv's seaside village east of the Pupperton mountains in the east villages area, and Bubblegum at approx 2000 2000. Consult the appropriate person before building in or close to these areas.



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