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In the Line of Duty: REDUX

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In the Line of Duty

What is ITLOD? It is a personal project started by yours truly that is being made using Arma 2, A military simulation game. 

There is a story line behind this "movie" which will be disclosed once more of the production has been done. For now I leave you all with a teaser image. 

(making a post actually gives me motivation to continue working on this so... :P ) 





General plot line:

1999, Russian and American tensions are at an all time high. Russian forces lining up along foreign borders trying to assert dominance and all for easy expansion of the country. However the U.S Government does not take this lightly. They deploy a fast moving response team to Utes, a small island belonging to the United States since the height of the cold war. The military base on the island is quickly refurbished and restocked to allow for military strikes to be conducted out of the area. On March 24th the response team arrive at the derelict base and made sure the Russians had not already got a foot hold on the island. Two days later, March 26th a larger force has arrived and gotten into position at the base with more reinforcements inbound to the island. The base has one major drawback though, only a handful of small hangers, a carrier will need to be stationed in the sea nearby to help conduct air strikes in the area if the Russians do not back their forces down. 

So now after a few days I finally got part of this video project. Just the basic intro. Kind of an introduction to the plot line. 




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