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great work and pic here Slayer !

We see a lot of straight highway interchanges..But its nice to see a combined

rail + Highways interchange.. A very well done one at that !

thanks a lot for the post..


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wow Slayer,

Your pics just keep getting better and better..

im still impressed with all your work ive seen,

as you havent even played the game all that long yet !

keep those pics a' coming !


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great work guys on both your new transit here,,

let me comment on each..

Tanner, this is about as close to a stack interchange as we can currently

get in game.. a fabulous job here really.. Hopefully, one day not to far in the future

we will have the ability to make stack interchanges.. and no question you wil be 1

who will appreciate this the most..

Patrick..., very nice viaduct rail station here.. those victorian style stations look lovely

dont they ? I love those walls you sue in this, and they fit the situation quite well with

what you have done here really.. next time I see you, im going to ask you for a dl link

on those.. Those look grand ! and nice job with this and also the progress your making

with the GLR in your cities, ive seen recently..

thanks to both of you for making this such an active and lively thread here !

your good friend, Brian

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Some of my RHW Pics...

I'll just show my most recent ones as it would be a whole topic full if I showed all of them...




(This part of the HWY 9 Project was just recently completed)


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