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Towncrafter's Minecraft Pictures

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I built a plant shop in Lockesley on Ravinia.

Here it is from the bay side with the Tea Room next to it...


Here's the outdoor plants...


That area sells trees, bushes, and flowering plants.

Here's a shot of the inside...


After I took that picture I changed the sign on the left to read: Bud Vases / Cut Flowers / Floral Arrangements

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More pictures from Finalia.

These are of the three big stores on the south side of Burford.

The stores are (from l-r): Groveshires (food); How Green Am I (plants); The Builders Store (building supply).

All three stores...


A closer view of all three stores...


The Groveshires...


How Green Am I...


The Builders Store...


I finished this store in 3 days, which is a good time for me since I'm a slow builder.

Part of the inside of the builders supply store...


I made different sections for the different types of things needed to make a building or a road. Showing in the picture (from l-r) is: dyes; glass; and blocks (which also includes stairs and slabs). Not showing is: Wood; Ore and Precious Stone Blocks; Lighting; Doors, Door Activators, and Redstone.

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TC, just a stunning set of MC pics !!

Both you and Josh, do such a great job with all of your mine craft pics.

Its greatly appreciated to see such good work being done in this game from a creative sense.

I apologize for taking me so long to notice all the time and work you put into this for the enjoyment of others.

I do hope you will continue to post your mine craft work here.

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Three pictures from CasperVG's server.

These are from my place that I call Lansdale.

Inside the Minecart Station...


In front of the hillock that I hollowed out and am using as a utility room and Chest Room and Armour Room...

Looking East...


Looking West...


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Now some pictures from my world of Ravinia.

These are from the new town of Sandbar that I started building this week.

The riverfront...


The restaurant...


The grocers in the early 20th century style before aisles and checkout stands...


The livery...


The view from the Bay...


The tall building is a very small 3 floor, 2 room hotel.

A fun overhead shot...


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Tc yet another great set of MC buildings !

Very good attention to detail.

My favorite has to be the way you did your street lights.

Stunning set of new pics !


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More buildings in Sandbar...

I named them in honor of two characters from the British Comedy called "Are You Being Served".

A bar called The Gin and Tonic (in honor of Mrs. Slocumbe)...


A clothes store called Are You Free (in honor of Mr. Humphries)...


The interior of Are You Free...



Viewers of the show will know about the use of the word "unisex", so please don't be offended. All it means is that Men and Women can use the same fitting room. (Preferably not at the same time. :P )

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Wow !!,

 this looks like your best set of buildings yet TC

I love the writings and the way the "wordings" came out on them

Really nice job on that and adds a great touch to these new buildings.

Also I am really excited about the concept of building an entire town like this.

It takes a great amount of time, hard work and perseverance  to pull this off with the great quality we always come to know from you !!

Can't wait for more updates from you on this..


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I play on Caspervg's server and I have two pictures from the map program that casper uses.

These pictures are of my place that I call Lansdale.

The first picture is from a couple months ago, and the second is from today...



The first map wasn't yet showing the new stone varieties of mc version 1.8, but the second map shows all 3 varieties in their polished and unpolished states.

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A map from the world of Finalia.

This is Pine Grove...


The town layout and roads are by cheedrkittyt2. The town has grown to include areas built by me (Towncrafter), Darvince, Shilka, Inspiredman, Caspervg, Coastrunner, Gorbag and jdenm8.

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yes ,

you showed me a couple views on this map in chat yesterday tc,

i just wanted to comment , I really like what you have done with this so far.

I mean it gives you some idea of all the work and time you and josh have put into developing

this Mc world. So it is quite nice to visualize  a bit all you guys have accomplished.


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