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Towncrafter's Minecraft Pictures

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Wow Tc  !!,

I am really impressed with these River side apartments you have done here..

I really mean this that these are like the best buildings ive ever seen created so far in MC man !

These add so much to the continuing world you guys have been working so hard on..

Thanks, Brian

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Wow TC, this is some great work you have here. It's a fantastic looking structure, great color scheme as what Acko has said!

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On the World of Finalia that Cheese and I play on, there is an area known as Northlands Mines. Three highways come together there: Takfenster Hwy, Spring Hwy, and Davesham Hwy. Last year Cheese and I built an elaborate setup involving the split occuring south of the mines entrance and both highways having two-way traffic. The last few days I've been simplifying that setup by converting the two-way highways to one-way until they get north of the mines entrance.

On the south side at the split...


Northbound on Davesham Hwy at the exit to the mines...


Above the Mines entrance looking south at the exits to and from the highways (Spring Hwy is on the right and Davesham Hwy is on the left)...


Avove the Mines entrance again but looking north at the North Connections to and from the two highways...


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Fantastic guys !

i didnt realize you could do highway signs like this ..

They look super !


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TC here with 4 pictures of the end of a riverwalk on Finalia. Cheese (God_Donut) started the riverwalk last year and it sat unfinished for many months. I finished it yesterday.

These pictures are of the stairs up the hill at the northeast end of the riverwalk.









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Great work. The fact that it was left unfinished for a few months just reminds me of how real-life DOTs work :P

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Hi, TC here with pictures from what I've been doing on Cheese's (god_donut's) minecraft server.
I haven't shown any pictures yet, so I have 24 of them.
So prepare yourself for a tour of my place and two roads I built...

We start at the Northwest corner of The Place of TC. This is the Greater Pasture of TC, also known as The Lone Cow Pasture.
You can see the lonely little cow...

This is the North Entrance which is the back entrance to the ravine at my place...

This is the back stairwell as seen from inside the ravine...

The ravine...

The cows and pigs...

The entrance to the ravine office...

The chickens. The chickens have a nice little view of the sugarcane pond...

The enchanting room...

The sheep and food crops. The crops (from front to back) are potatoes, carrots, and wheat...

The dark oak. Dark oaks are found in Roofed Forests, which is far far away on this world, so I grow one to chop and use for when I want to use dark oak.
I replant the tree with the saplings I get from chopping the tree so I don't need to go back to where I originally got the tree...

The cottage of TC looking back toward the sheep and crops...

Inside the cottage of TC...

The west end of my place...

All four cottages...

The lavapit...

The tree chopping place...
I like a nice flat place to grow trees whenever I need wood. I plant the saplings for the trees I need, zap them with bonemeal to get that instant growth,
then I chop them and pick up whatever saplings drop.

The southeast corner of my place...
I planted a bunch of trees along the fence to have a Tree-Screen so that monsters don't see me whenever I'm in the sheep or crops places.

The road that I built between my place and the Cheese Base. I call this road Acacia Trail because of the acacia trees I planted along the road to beautify it...

Acacia Trail looking toward my place...

The main entrance to my place...

Here's the start of Wellington Road that I built...
Wellington Road starts at the edge of the spawn village of Golden and goes through the plains and desert to the village of Wellington.

Wellington Road looking toward my place and up the slope...

Wellington Road looking from the top of the slope toward Golden...

Wellington Road through the desert...

That's all 24 pictures. I hope you all enjoyed! :)

Edited by Towncrafter
To fix the weird line breaks and broken images

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Wow TC !!!


What an amazing upload this is, 24 pics !

I really think one of the best posting of pics in Simmania's long and storied History..

They were all great Tc, but if I had to pick one favorite out of the 24, I am going with the Lava pit pic. i really loved that the way u placed the iron fence and gate around that ..

thanks so much for all the time and work it must have taken to do this sensational posting my friend ..



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Pictures of my ravine after renovations...

A new walkway on the lowest level...


Bridge across the water...


Put wood and pink stone in the walls of this level which is different from the gray stone I put on the other levels...

More of the new walls...


I moved the cows out of the ravine and put rabbits where the cows used to be...


Rabbit and pig corner...


Plants for beautification...


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i really love how much you have already done now there to the ravine..

I hope you will continue with further renovations...

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All these cool developments in MC you build make me want to play, too bad I can't find much time to play games anymore. Good job!

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