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Network Addon Mod - Info, Help & Support

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Unofficial Network Addon Mod Info, Help and Support

Official Board Here -

Network Addon Mod v31.1 Release Date - 16 April 2013

Download Links

SC4Devotion *Requires Registration*

Network Addon Mod -v31.1

Diagonal Bridge Enabler

Simtropolis *Requires Registration*

Network Addon Mod -v31.1 - Now on Simtropolis!

Diagonal Bridge Enabler

Recommended Related Mods

Diagonal Bridge Enabler 'Toggler' DLL - Allows the user to toggle whether they want the Diagonal Bridge Enabler enabled or disabled on startup

NHP Ennedi Slope Mod - A slope mod which works with all networks, including the RHW

RHW 2 Toll Booth

RHW 4 Toll Booth


If you have any issues with the NAM/its components, please do not hesitate to submit a post in this thread and I will try my best to assist.

Also, if you want any tutorials related with ANY part of the mod, let me know and I will try to create one 26721.gif


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