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Aco's First MC World Tour

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I was going to post this earlier, but the switch to SM4 came. Oh well :D

I'm going to show you around my main (temporary) base. It's temporary, until I find villagers to transplant and build a village for.

My main base (outside):


Entering in, there is a ladder to the top of the fort, where I kill zombies from (and a jukebox!)



Across the ladder, my main bedroom/crafting/furnace/general storage/anvil room is located.


By the way, I only need 9 ingots:


Going downstairs, we see the enterance to my mines.


On the right is my portal. On the left, is my enchanting room, which is currently unfinished (need moar cows)



There were two more images I wanted to show, but the limit is 12. So anyways, this gives you an idea of my base. Next, I'll show you my (temporary) nether base.


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Alright, now my nether base :D

The inside of the base, right when you enter the portal (it's small!):


Outside of the base, complete with bombarding ghasts! (I almost burned to death, even in iron armor!):


The stub end of the base, very makeshift, on the other side of the portal:


I mainly use the nether for fast travel between my main base and my jungle mine. I mined out the main base's chunk, so I decided to head to the jungle for more mining.



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Yeah, I'm hoping to expand it though. And put some windows and doors in. Next update: Secondary jungle mine! (I'm going to burn it down once the chunk is mined out, and build an NPC village and transplant them. Then I'll gradually expand so far it'll reach my main base (which will become the town hall)

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Just a quick mini update. I found this dungeon while mining the area at the new jungle outpost. I got 2 records (13 and cat), a saddle, iron horse armor, and 4 iron. I finally get to equip my tamed horse that has long been saddle-less with a saddle (and armor)!


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(I hope this double post isn't considered illegal D: )

In one of the spawners beneath my jungle outpost, I built an XP trap. It's a common design, relying on fall damage to bring the skeletons down to 1 heart.


I put the remaining bones and bows into a chest, where a hopper takes them from the chest, and inputs them into a dropper, powered by a clock and an inverter. The dropper throws them into a lava pit.


Here's what the circuitry looks like, if you're curious. The repeaters in the clock are set to a 1 tick delay, so they don't burn out.


I keep the arrows for obvious reasons :)

Remember, this design (except for the dropper, but even that isn't really unique) is not mine! However, you CAN use it if you want.


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I am lost, what does UHC mean agian? :P

Ultra Hardcore. If you want, you can find games on (reddit)r/ultrahardcore. (You'll need mic for the team-based ones.)

I idled at my grinder for ~15 minutes. Massive lag. (note the shadows)


A look inside my storage room at the main base.






Nether stuff




Natural stuff


Wood (notice I have 4 stacks of iron and no wood)

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Yep. I burned in lava, though. It was the lava I was using in that trash disposal system shown earlier, too. I was in a cave, and I heard the clicking, so I decided to dig back up, since I was out of torches. That wasn't my best idea. Lost most of my stuff, including the awesome bow. And my diamond tools. :|

Edit: Used my 40 levels to enchant an AWESOME diamond sword:


It's better than my previous diamond sword!

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