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Mayorm !

Hey first of all its great to hear from you man  :D,,

I loved the update on the Hockey news story there..

Nice touch to your Cj having these types of updates.. It is something

quite unique and creative and only your idea really...


Things have actually been picking up some with the Cj sections here..

As right now in addition to your recent update here.. We have recent activity also from Marsh, Pierre

and myself all with recent CJ activity..

It is really nice to see a ( 13 year old game) is still generating this much interest !

Hope to see you in chat sometime,

your good friend,


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bben- Thank you. Its always nice to come back and catch up on everything going on here, I'm trying to come around when I can.

pupper_donut- Haha. Admittedly I got lazy with the other stories headlines, and didn't change them from the last news article. But next time around they'll be different as I like to throw in other interesting stories.


"A bright and beautiful morning greets us as we look to take our first looks around Port Charlotte, today in your itenerary you'll see that we are touring the University Heights area on the south side of the Scamman River. I hope you enjoyed your stay at the Hyatt Port Charlotte Seaside, one of the most accomodating and nicest hotels downtown."




"Two of the ways to get across the Scamman easily is by taking the ferry system which is very popular among travelers and commuters alike in and around Port Charlotte. While we could have walked a few blocks from our hotel to the ferry dock on 82nd St. The toruism department insisted we take a driving tour so we are now crossing one of the largest spanning bridges in the area, and perhaps the country itself., which is Veterans Bridge, dedicated to those who have served and sacrificed in the Marquette Armed Forces."


"After crossing the bridge on the south shore, Veterans Bridge immediately becomes the A10 (short for Atlantic 10) freeway. Due to it's limited number of lanes, at peak commuting times many people in the area would like to see the freeway widened to six lanes or more. In the upcoming election cycle voters will have the ability to vote on highway funding to tackle traffic problems in this area. University Blvd. is our exit which takes us straight into University Heights."


"As you may have guessed the University Heights neighbourhood is home to the prestigious Port Charlotte University. It is one of the largest universities with just over 30,000 students, PCU is well regarded for their engineering school. Of course the Bulldog's athletics programs draw many fans to the stadiums, with top spectator sports being Men's and Women's hockey, followed by Football and Men's and Women's Basketball. William J. Colley Sports Arena is home to the basketball and hockey programs, as well as hosting other large community events and trade shows. Nearby is Harbour Financial Stadium home to the university's football program, built in 1990 before PCU's dominance in MICA (Marquette Intercollegiate Athletics) football, winning championships in 1994, 97, 99, and 2001. As of the 2014 season the stadium also became the home for the Port Charlotte Nighthawks of the Marquette National Football Association, with renovations scheduled to start this upcoming spring to increase capacity from 17,000 to 30,000 in order to meet MNFA's stadium guidelines."


"With the Nighthawks move to the stadium, the team paid the university an undisclosed sum to install new turf with their own colors and logos. Current Nighthawks star quarterback and playoff MVP last year in the MNFA is former PCU star Brady Hellwig. On the left you'll notice new construction getting started, Por Charlotte University is starting to get to work on it's new Meyer's Residential complex which will be home to apartment style student housing, if you look in your info packets you'll have an artist concept of the complex."


"Unfortunately, we'll have to turn back here for the day as I've recieved word that the hotel ballroom has our dinner prepared to be served. But with it getting dark earlier now there's still one spectacular sight, the breathtaking views of downtown Port Charlotte at night."




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, this is one of your best updates in your CJ is quite some time my friend !

I am very impressed with the pics you have provided us here..

I especially like your interchange.. the compactfulness of that is quite remarkable,,,

You  did a great job with that in limited space.. And also you did not give up anything

on a realistic appearance there.. It still looks quite fabulous my friend !

Keep up the good work, and I hope we see more CJ updates from you quite soon !

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