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thanks Capton !

Ya , I am working in that area as we speak.

So far ive managed somehow to get one side of a rhw 8 S in that area ( level 1- 7.5 meters).

But now I am faced with a difficult decision of how to merge this wide highway with the rest of my highway system . I will show you a couple of pic of the difficulties I face with this :huh:

+ the routing schemes of the area using this particular network.


Ok so the solid blue line is what i have been able to construct so far..

With the red dashed line indicates some of the possible proposed routes needed.

My next pic is a bit more in-depth , if you will, in showing the specific routing needs of this area-

I had to go out to a rare Zoom 2 level to show the entire routing set up with this :cool:


So to review, again traffic in SC4 gets routed between zone types.

Here we have a North - bound traffic artery whose function is mostly to moves Sims from there homes the Black ( R's) to there work places, the red ( C) on the morning commute cycle.

As you can see from the former routing in the area that is generally the case here.

Although it is to be noted from the pic that much of the residential source of this commute is quite far down to the south of the pic. The R areas to the North most likely have lacked proper access on to the existing highway network to get any use from it. So this is one consideration of the newly constructed rhw- 8 s network. The dark blue circled area , ( hard to see in my pic), shows one of the main R areas not getting any usage from this network scheme.

So than the 2 black arrows in my pic show R areas that would likely benefit from improved routing and access to the dense red C ( commercial area further to the Norh-West.).

Finally the dark red arrow, shows a highly inefficient route from these same R areas to the commercial jobs area.

Just an early proposed idea or thought, :idea:

Might be to try to take a new overpass ( level 1) which takes sims leaving there homes North- bound more directly into the commercial area of the newly built RHW- 8 S over the large East - West highway network.

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Capton thanks so much for your continued comments.

After a full analysis of the routing,

I think the best try would be to take the RHW- 8 S directly into the dense commercial area.

( Red dashed line) ..

I have already constructed the hardest part perhaps by testing NAM 32's stability with a RHW 8s Level 1 overpass right next to a Level 2 MIS overpass headed the opposite direction.

If I am correct about the popularity of this new route than perhaps only minor ramp access would be necessary i think merging into East bound super highway (blue - dashed line)..

This is the current plan now and we will see how this works out traffic- wise once I get everything hooked up.


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The small upgrades went well.

I went with the plans in the above posting.

In addition to the new RHW- 8 S ( Level 1) overpass and mis ramp, I feel also the area would benefit from a separate MIS overpass ( proposed in red dashed line in pic). the reason for this is it would be able to bring Sims into work ( from the residential area into the dense commercial area to the North.) Something that the Rhw 8s level 1 network is unable to do.

However the problem I have already encountered is getting "grade errors" trying to construct this new overpass. I feel the reason for this is the uneven nature of the land ( circled in black in the pic).

I feel this area needs to be "leveled" and more flat. This is going to be a time consuming project as there are much RHW content in the area that needs to be re: constructed.


The effect that the new changes had on traffic capacity was quite positive. :shy:

From the congestion view pic we see lighter traffic congestion now on the north bound newly build RHW 8 S level 1 network. Congestion is just dark yellow or light orange now on the MIS ramp. The only congestion issues now concern the merger section of where the rhw- 8s had to be reduced down to the rhw 6 S than transitioned finally into a OWR-3 before entering the commercial area road system ( circled in black). Some of this is caused by the" intersection effect" of the nearby "other road based networks".


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Just a short update this morning :

I was able to do a pretty good job leveling the interchange area.

It turns out the uneven land did seem to be the source of the grade errors this time. There are multiple causes of grade errors in sc4, so it can get kinda tricky to find out exactly what the cause is many times when your building such complex multi -height highways like this :angel:

Anyways, the new overpass was a success. As it carries almost 5000 sims into work on the morning commute it is quite helpful. And also I might add well within its capacity limits to carry even more traffic if that is needed later.

here is a zoom # 4 pic of the new construction-


Also I decided to remain with the short ramp for the rhw 8s- rhw 6s network, ( shown in in the black circle). I wasn't sure if a full sized flex ramp would fit there.

I am still working in this same general area. 2 things I am still examining -

1) If i want to make some changes to the south bound side of the highway .

2) providing better access to this highway for the 2 residential areas on either side of the highway.

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Due to population increases in the Northern sector of the city , ( city population = 1230 K),

I have decided to create now a triple overpass system , which replaces the double overpass system. These overpasses takes sims from their homes to the North into the east bound super- highway.


All available right of way space has now been used on the South side of the superhighway in this area. As can be seen the HT texture studio was barely saved from demolition in the name of progress.

The red circles denote 2 new cross-over ramps that were necessary for routing.

It did help some with congestion on the overpasses as now only the middle overpass with dark orange has any major traffic back ups. -


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Thanks so much Capton for your comments on my city population .

I wanted to mention that last night I was able to surpass one and a quarter million Sims in population :cool:

Again my original goal with the transit type constraints I had imposed upon myself ( highways + Bus + subways ), was to reach 1 million in population. I am pleased that I am now 250 K beyond that. So accordingly I have made a new goal for this city and a final goal of reaching 1.5 million sims.

At the same time I have also decided to start a new city using these same constraints, but in this city I am making my goal = population of 2 million sims !

Okay so assuming I am able to get the population up to 1500 K sims in the current RHW city , so how I reach this lofty and ambitious goal in the new city, right ?

I think with-

1) better planning of the zone type lay outs.

2) a bit wider transit corridors

3) need some improvement in inter zone routing + routing from zone to highway and vice-versa.

4) the release of NAM 33 ( assuming its completed in a reasonable time frame.)

3), will be the challenge for me As the transit corridors are wider + the population goal higher, than the zoning will have to be even more dense than the city I am working on now. One helpful idea would be the use of parking garages on the perimeter of the dense Commercial areas. This combined with an inter-zone sub -way system is one new idea I have :idea: Parking garages were something I neglected to make use of in my current RHW city.

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Oh yes the way my residentials are grouped together , that would qualify them as neighborhoods !

I experimented with one of the parking garages in one of the denser commercial areas, and it is working quite well there. Has good usage so far..

I plan on building some more in some key traffic congestion areas-


In addition i have found another highway section that needs an upgrade.

Here, we have a RHW-4 that has gone in the red mostly or dark orange with traffic congestion.

this is the southern branch that feeds into the stack interchange.

I should be able to get started on this during this evening :idea:-


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.. my first try was to see what a RHW- 6 S does on the South- bound side only.

Interestingly enough traffic on the North- bound side ( the side that is still just the RHW-4), was the side that has dropped in traffic congestion down to yellow.


Also is my first attempt at using the new draggable elevated one way road network

( in the pic is a one way road overpass)

Ill keep at it !

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Thanks for your comment Capton !

I ended up making quite a few changes to this area.

I am happy to report all of them were needed and beneficial to the traffic routing + congestion :D

I really like this first pic i am going to show because it does a nice job of showing some of the things you can do with the recent NAM's -


I had to widen out both sides of the main highway a few tiles, which caused the demolition of a couple industrial buildings on the left side. The right side I had a bit more room so no commercial buildings had to meet there demise over there.. :angel:

Let me list some of the main highlights this pic demonstrates-

1) First despite building the new level 2 branch off, mis ( north - south) overpass, (which did help some), as you can see I still had to upgrade the West side of the main highway from the RHW-6S to the RHW- 8s due to traffic congestion on that side of the highway. This leaves what we refer to as an "unbalanced highway set up".

2) The left side clearly shows what you can with NAM 32 in terms of using 3 different height levels over there (L 0 - L 2) .

3) the right side is still with the same ramp arrangement but with everything moved over one more tile to the right. As you can see from the close proximity of the 2 MIS networks to each other, this shows the strong stability of NAM 32 :cool:

4) the previous L 2 One way road overpass was upgraded to a L 1 MIS overpass .

Than finally congestion is now under control and acceptable in this updated area-


City Population is at a new high of - 1254 K

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Just a short update tonght -

I have been doing some more work on the stack interchange area.

The main features were a new ramp and upgrade of the level 2 highway from a rhw- 4 to 6 S


The effect of widening the level 2 highway was to bring the congestion on that side of the highway from red down to orange-


Also city population is at a new high of 1270 K :cool:


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These 2 upgrades have already been made :)

There was just a slight drop in traffic congestion from red to orange .

Again do not be confused by the red tiles which are caused by the game's "intersection effect", either near what the game considers actual intersections or overpasses.

I am going to check around the city this morning to see if there are any more upgrades needed. If I do not find any I plan on working on city development and population growth toward the new goal of 1.5 million Sims.

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In this update i just wanted to show how things were going along from a planning sense in my brand new RHW city.

City is just getting started with less than 2000 sims still but already the early planning is taking shape in terms of the first highway corridor needed.


So here I felt i would try starting out with something simple for the first planned highway/ RHW corridor. So for the most part I am planning out the zoning along the edges first.

Ind + Com make up the 2 corners, with the connections to residential in the middle edge.

This than leaves from a functional sense the need for a highway / rhw cooridor.

This particular corridor runs - East/ West.

Notice all the farms on the south side of the corridor.

These are quite useful to have in a young and early city for a couple reasons-

1) they provide early jobs in smaller city for Sims.

2) they act as place holders for future highway development and expansion.

Also as is customary with the way i started out the early highways, i have placed a rhw-2 inside the first highway corridor. This often works well as the rhw-2 can start off acting as a hybrid highway by providing both at-grade intersections + the first ramps, overpasses, and interchanges later.

thanks, Brian

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