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Simmania Community Guidelines (Updated: July 2014)

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Welcome to Simmania! We're a very relaxed, welcoming community for people who play city-building simulation games as well as Minecraft and other games. In order to maintain this sort of atmosphere, there are a few simple things we ask all members to abide by:


  • Some discussions may not be appropriate for users under the age of 18. These discussions shall never be held openly, only in designated areas of the forum and in approved AJAX chat channels. This includes sexual, illicit gore, drug themes, as well as heavy swearing.
  • As always, racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful content as well as pornographic, or illicit gore and drug themes are not allowed.
  • Low quality content. We consider "low quality content" to be one or two word posts, triple or quadruple posting (unless the information posted is relevant and important), content that does not follow the discussion at hand, thread hijacking, etc. Low quality posts are likely to be hidden or removed.
  • Flaming or berating another member or the community is expressly prohibited. Chat operators and forum moderators may take administrative action where necessary. Administration will review all violations and moderator action taken. 
  • Backseat moderating is not only annoying, but it never helps a situation. Instead, we ask you report any problems with a member or post to the chat operator or a forum moderator or administrator. In chat, you can block the person's messages by clicking their screen name on the right side, and clicking "Ignore/Accept".
  • All members are required to follow instructions given by moderation (including chat operators) and administration. If you feel a moderator or chat operator was unfair in their decisions, please notify administration.

Warnings, Suspensions, and Bans:
It is extremely rare that members are banned or suspended from Simmania. However, this does not mean that bans and suspensions have not taken place, and does not mean they will not take place again. 

  • Suspensions may be issued in emergencies by chat operators or moderators, which are then reviewed by management. Chat operators and forum moderators may not issue permanent bans. Except in extreme cases, all permanent bans are discussed by the administration, moderation team, and long-standing respected members of the Simmania Community, and decided on by a majority vote. 
  • Bans and suspensions may be appealed. You will have one chance to appeal. Active community members in good standing may "vouch" for a banned member, but may not publicly petition, ask members to complete polls, etc.
  • Warnings are issued by chat operators, moderators, and administrators. The warning duration will be decided by administration. If more than five warnings are concurrently on your account, you may be suspended or banned. For users in chat without a forum account, your IP address will be permanently banned from the site.

Freedom to Express Your Opinion: 

  • On the forums and in chat, there are a lot of discussions which may not necessarily pertain to any of the topics covered on this site, and may be of a controversial nature, including religious and political discussions. All members are free to express their opinions without having to "beat around the bush". 
  • You are allowed to disagree with someone in a respectable manner. In any case, site rules still apply to all discussions. If discussions get out of hand we can and will take action.

Advertising & User Profiles:

  • Light advertising is permitted in your profile, signature, and avatar, as well as in boards which generally promote advertising. Use common sense as to what is considered to be "heavy" advertising.
  • Keep signature lengths and signature images and avatars to a reasonable size. Again, use common sense.
  • Black-hat SEO, scams, "make money online", or other shady advertising is disallowed and can result in suspension or a ban.
  • or similar services that allow you to make money off of links clicked will result in removal of the post or link in question if posted, and possible suspension or a ban.


If you need help, or need to file a report:

Thank you for reading and following these guidelines!

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