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Simmania Community Guidelines (Updated: July 2017)

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Welcome to Simmania! We're a very relaxed, welcoming community for people who play city-building simulation games as well as Minecraft and other games. In order to maintain this sort of atmosphere, there are a few simple things we ask all members to abide by:


  1. Racist, sexist, otherwise hateful, and pornographic content is strictly prohibited.
  2. Content inappropriate for users under 18 years of age may only be posted in designated forum sections and approved AJAX channels. This generally includes sexual, illicit gore, & drug themes. Moderation will use their discretion to determine what content is inappropriate.
  3. Flaming and berating other members of the community, or the community itself, is strictly prohibited. Moderation may take administrative action where necessary.
  4. or similar services that allow you to make money off of links clicked will result in removal of the post or link in question if posted, and possible suspension or a ban.
  5. Black-hat SEO, scams, "make money online", or other shady advertising is disallowed and can result in suspension or a ban.
  6. Low quality content is discouraged on the forums. Low quality content includes one- or two-word posts, triple or quadruple posting (especially if the content is irrelevant or unimportant), content that does not follow the discussion at hand, and thread hijacking. Low quality posts will be removed.
  7. Controversial discussions should only be held in the designated forum section. In chat, controversial discussions may be moved to a separate channel. Discussions on the forums will be moved to the appropriate section when the discussion is deemed controversial.

Etiquette & Behavior:

  1. Mutual respect is one of the cornerstones of our community. Our community consists of a wide range of individuals from different races, genders, sexual preferences, and ages. Everyone, including staff, is expected to demonstrate tolerant, respectful behavior toward others, including those who we dislike or disagree with. 
  2. If you find yourself being bullied by another member, ignore the person and notify staff. Should you decide to react inappropriately you will find yourself being reprimanded appropriately.
  3. Controversial discussions may only be held on the forums in the appropriate section. In chat, we may ask that you move the discussion to a private channel if the chat room is busy.
  4. Backseat moderation is unhelpful and disruptive. Instead, please report any problems or incidents to moderation or administration. In chat, you can block a person's messages by clicking their screen name and choosing "Ignore/Accept".
  5. All members must comply with instructions given by moderation and administration. If you feel moderation was unfair in a decision, please notify administration.

Warnings, Suspensions, and Bans:
It is extremely rare that members are banned or suspended from Simmania. However, this does not mean that bans and suspensions have not taken place, and does not mean they will not take place again. 

  • Moderation has the right to suspend any member at any time prior to review by administration, but may not issue bans. Administration may issue a ban at any time for any reason. Bans and suspensions may not be appealed.
  • If your account is banned or suspended, you will receive a thorough explanation including the duration of the suspension (if applicable). Bans are usually discussed beforehand among administration, moderation, and active members in good standing.
  • Warnings are issued by staff members for minor violations. Three or more concurrent warnings will result in an automatic 3 day suspension, during which time your account may be banned or your suspension extended. 

Advertising & User Profiles:

  • Light advertising is permitted in your profile, signature, and avatar, as well as in designated forum sections. Moderation and administration will use their discretion to determine if your advertising is too heavy. In this case, the content will be removed without notice.
  • Signature images exceeding roughly 150 pixels tall will be removed without notice. You may not embed videos in your signature.
  • All content rules apply to user profiles, including cover photos, avatars, and signatures.

If you need help, or need to file a report:

  • System issues, bugs, glitches: @samerton
  • General non-technical issues: @pupper_donut @Aldini10
  • Guideline violations may be reported to any staff member.

Thank you for reading and following these guidelines!

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