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Seminars Information/Guidelines

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Written March 31, 2014

Rules, Information & Tips on how to host a seminar:

1: All scheduled seminars are posted on the forums.

2: If you want to host a seminar, you will have to reserve a date and time to hold it. You can do this by contacting a Community Activities Manager. We plan seminars up to three months in advance. We usually hold them once a month, but we may do them bi-weekly if necessary.

3: Begin preparing your topic and what you will say at least a week in advance if possible.

4: If you ever need to reschedule or cancel, please contact a Community Activities Manager.

5: All seminar transcripts can be posted to the forums, either by an appointed member or by yourself, or a Community Activities Manager. Please let us know what you plan to do in advance.

6: Seminars shouldn't run longer than an hour if possible.

7: While off-topic seminars are okay occasionally, try to stick to a subject that we cover here on the site if you can. Use your best judgement.

Attending seminars:

1: Seminars are usually held in a separate room in chat.

2: We ask that you remain quiet during seminars unless the speaker has allowed questions/discussion. Liken it to constantly talking and making a racket in a movie theatre. We may kick anyone who gets out of hand.

3: Inviting others to a seminar is perfectly acceptable, but please don't push anyone into attending or hosting a seminar as this has lead to trouble. Remember that this is all casual.

4: Usually there will be a moderator or administrator on duty for each seminar if you have any concerns.

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