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Towncrafter builds a Banished town

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I can't remember the name of this town, but it's now in year 10 or 11 (or maybe 12) and the population is over 30. This is my second time to get over 30, but it went under 30 when 15 people died in year 4. It's taken that many years to start prospering again.

the main town...


The gatherer's hut, herbalist, and the first hunting lodge...


Another shot of the town but including the foresters and the second hunting lodge...


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Here's more pictures from my Banished town. The name of it is Cherview. It's now in year 14. There's more structures in it now from the last pictures I showed.

The riverfront...


You can see the new buildings on the left and new houses on the right.

This shows the cemetery, trading dock, new boardinghouse, and new schoolhouse...


Here's a view of the town with the orchard, one of the forester's buildings and one of the hunting lodges in the foreground...


Here's the other hunting lodge, one of the gatherer's huts, and the herbalist...


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