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Orion Stellar Empire (Ally of the USMR)

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the Orion Stellar empire is a rich and vast nation spread across multiple star systems and it's still growing.

It has a history going back well over 200 years and was once a part of the original USMR until the original faction split off into space during a great conflict.

after being forced into an exodus they left the system and weren't heard from again for over half a century until one of their warp ships jumped into the system after receiving a distress call.

the planet was destabilizing and due to changes and growing maturity the OSA (then a medium sized empire) decided to step in and stop the conflicts before things got out of hand.

Things were eventually resolved with war averted, the empire that was attacked was eventually excised to mars and things continued on as normal.

in the early 22nd century the osa glassed the martian surface of the ruins of the titanicvillian empire clearing the way for the usmr.

shortly there after an offshoot from the original faction began attacking the osa, this group was known as the Epsilon eridani empire their home being Epsilon Iridani.

They were a lost colony ship from the original exodus but after a long battle the osa won out having lost half it's systems in the conflict.

currently the osa has recovered and is growing both technologically and spatially and is currently expanding to new systems all the time sending out more and more advanced colony ships within the 40ly sphere that it consideres the limit of range right now with few systems outside that set as outposts.

there are hundreds of star systems within reach and only time to expand as there is no empire to match it currently.

it's current flag is this:


it's motto is Vivant et imperio which means long live the empire.

it's primary language is Esperanto but many colonies also speak english and occasionally japanese.

the LiThorian empire was lost recently having dropped contact, data on them is unkown but they were once part of the OSA which is now just the central empire of Asterion Solari.


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