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Zalost minecraft server, would you play?

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just a quick question really, if I were to pay for a minecraft server would anyone play on it? I can promise several things, it would remain vanilla, lag would be at a minimum, and that it should run well for the number of people here.

I will even personally put a map in the minecraft spawn town.

here's the catch.

There will be a spawn town, what I would like is a community project as the spawn town where everyone builds at least one building, will enable creative for a person for that purpose, but otherwise probably survival.

will remain vanilla (for obvious reasons)

will stay up to date.

no griefing

that's pretty much it.

that and I'll probably start it off on peaceful for the first week or so and then bump it up to easy with normal maybe a month or so later?

by that point I plan to have a wall in place so the spawn town is a save zone from monsters.

other than that though I want it to be fun and a place where everyone can go and hang out and whatnot.

so if you want to join just post here and if I get enough people I'll set one up!

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