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Simmania Chat Guidelines

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In the chat, all of the community guidelines apply, in addition to these other basic rules everyone in chat must follow:



  1. Continually logging into the chat impersonating another user for the purpose of trolling is disallowed following some recent problems.
  2. If you choose to use a different nickname in chat using the /nick command, we must still be able to tell who you are. 
  3. Using somebody else's nickname for any length of time longer than 60 seconds is prohibited, unless the nickname belongs to a banned user.
  4. Using exploits in chat without administrative permission and/or when there is an active crowd in chat will result in serious consequences.
  5. Anti-Idling Rule: Do not idle in chat longer than 90 minutes. Doing so may result in being kicked. An auto-kick feature will be set up soon.
  6. All members of chat who do not have active forum accounts are still under the main Simmania guidelines. 


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