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the Simmanian Media Network

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ok so to keep reading to a minimum, I will post this audio announcement, please keep your questions and comments until you've heard the vid, I'll be happy to answer all of them, if you are a youtuber here on simmania and are interested, we would love to have you!

now, the only real requirements to gain access to what was explained above is putting the logo watermark in your videos like so: (bottom right)


and linking back to the site at on the video description.

outside of that, simply having a youtube channel, being mostly regular in uploading videos (there may be exceptions depending on the circumstances), and sending a pm requesting access is all it takes right now.

anyway, I look forward to hearing any feedback, and please don't be afraid to speak up if you want to help the effort, either with videos, or we could use a Graphics artist or two to help with some of the behind the scenes stuff!

Youtubers who are a part of the network thus far!



Rosodo Jones:


Good luck to everyone, and feel free to join us!

SpookyZalost, Signing off!

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I support this effort and would love to have my channel added to the network! :D

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