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  2. transit mania- ville

    Nice update. It is indeed a tight area to upgrade. I would remove a short congested section of the raised highway on the left side of the pics. A RHW-8S narrows down to RHW-6S before passing over what looks like an OWR-4 (hard to determine because of the size of the pic), then there is an MIS ramp that descends diagonally to ground level before merging with anothr MIS- I would keep the RHW-8S going until the MIS ramp and let the right-most lane go to that ramp.
  3. transit mania- ville

    it was a pretty tight area to upgrade.. but I did the best i could. I would say traffic reduction was satisfactory but not great: Here are the changes i made from the prior posting above : And than the small reduction in traffic as the city now approaches 1/2 million in population :
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