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    New Members Introductions

    Hi everybody! I'm a new member here, but you might alreday met with me/or my nickname over at Simtropolis or SC4 Devotion. - Tyberius
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    transit mania- ville

    Thanks Tibi ! Yes the upgrade turned out great this time , it is quite effective ( at reducing traffic congestion) in the area and I was happy with the way things turned out and the current traffic flows - 1) first the OWR-3 upgrade to the OWR-4 and it also shows amazing stability with all those crossings in a row on the east side of the overpass 2) most of the L1 RHW-6s was upgraded to a 8s after the overpass to the north side. 3) and finally the addition of another mis ground network was ( squeezed in), to help out with north bound traffic flows to the east of the overpass.. Here is the current traffic congestion which you can compare with my first posting's pic. -
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    transit mania- ville

    Hi there! There is pretty big traffic over there! I'm looking forward to the network upgrade... Nice work, anyway! - Tyberius
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    The United Cities of Talaran

    The next area of reworking the highway system is in the following case in Arcens: There are actually two locations requiring changes: 1) The parclo, where we see that only some of the links are used, while others are inactive (in the morning commute, which is the one for which things are designed). The unused links will not be removed, but reduced to simple MIS sections; the others will be dimensioned according to their respective loads. 2) The entrance and exit ramps at the top right of the picture. These ramps connect the highway with an avenue with a GLR in the center. There is a heavy load on the avenue and the entrance ramp to the highway, starting at the GLR+bus station: the bulk of the load is bus traffic going to Marlande; Sims reach the station by GLR and switch to buses to continue on their commute. The ramps will be redesigned to take the loads into account. A particular challenge is posed by the proximity between the highway interchange and the entrance/exit ramps. Some creativity will be required.