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  1. transit mania- ville

    it was a pretty tight area to upgrade.. but I did the best i could. I would say traffic reduction was satisfactory but not great: Here are the changes i made from the prior posting above : And than the small reduction in traffic as the city now approaches 1/2 million in population :
  2. transit mania- ville

    This is an area here , that i thought I wanted to upgrade a bit.. Perhaps expand this area into more one larger interchange- Traffic has gotten quite high on a couple of the networks -
  3. transit mania- ville

    Thanks Tibi ! Yes the upgrade turned out great this time , it is quite effective ( at reducing traffic congestion) in the area and I was happy with the way things turned out and the current traffic flows - 1) first the OWR-3 upgrade to the OWR-4 and it also shows amazing stability with all those crossings in a row on the east side of the overpass 2) most of the L1 RHW-6s was upgraded to a 8s after the overpass to the north side. 3) and finally the addition of another mis ground network was ( squeezed in), to help out with north bound traffic flows to the east of the overpass.. Here is the current traffic congestion which you can compare with my first posting's pic. -
  4. New Members Introductions

    yes , Tibi.. we are very happy to have you as a new member here. Your knowledge of sc4 is very great !!
  5. transit mania- ville

    Interchange Upgrade - due to traffic congestion .. City = CBD I have not did a CJ update for awhile so I thought I would do one this morning My city CBD's population has grown now to 375 K.. and so there would be expected areas in the city that are experiencing traffic issues.. So here is the worst of those , which is one of my newer areas of Highway system integration between the (soon to be released) REW + the RHW - The circled red areas denote possible relocation of the smaller dwelling residents there.. In addition i am hoping I will be able to upgrade to a one tile median , especially on the Level 1 RHW- 6s.. The 3 main network arteries requiring an upgrade due to traffic congestion issues: 1) OWR-3 2) Level 1 RHW- 6s 3) MIS ramp
  6. The United Cities of Talaran

    Pierre, another great posting by you my friend ! I had a little bit more time to offer you a respectable reply that your excellent posting deserves.... 1) yes the Parclo, has turned out to be quite interesting indeed concerning the routing + traffic.. It looks like part of it has ideal usage , where you have the yellow there. But than we have a part of it that is only light blue.. ( not sure of the exact traffic numbers there), but you are a bit dissatisfied with the usage there I assume ? 2) the second section you mention, the problem here as you state is clearly traffic congestion . This will be the interesting future project you have going for us to keep in mind.. and to await your proposed construction decision here and wait for further developments and a follow up postings from you
  7. What are you listening to? v2

    im am still listening to a lot of "hemi-sync" during my meditation sessions + The usual TC videos on U tube. New ones still get released on a regular basis on his channel .
  8. Milestone Thread

    Ya, i think the only place I have ever had more postings on a web site is Sim Devotion
  9. The United Cities of Talaran

    wow, this is fantastic Pierre ! I really love how this turned out my friend I just have 1 new request... I would love to see a traffic congestion view. ..just so we can compare that to what existed here prior with the old highway system you had in place..?
  10. transit mania- ville

    We are still lacking an S -curve or what we refer to as a one lane shift puzzle piece for the RHW 8S networks.... But i was still able to construct one from 2 starter pieces.. Here we see it has some texture flaws, and quite sharp turns since its lay out is only over 3 tiles.. In comparison from looking at my pic, we see that the RHW- 6S S - curve puzzle piece is a lay out done over 5 tiles with more gradual turns..or curves
  11. Milestone Thread

    Aldini + Clayton ya this is amazing both of my good friends reached these milestone so close togther congrats to both of you !
  12. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part δΊ”)

    4099 sorry Josh, but I keep forgetting this But do the postings in the thread here count toward this site total ?
  13. The United Cities of Talaran

    wow, Pierre, this is fantastic what you have been able to accomplish here already in such a short time span too. I am very impressed you have done all of this so quickly my friend. But in addition to this, and I am not sure you have known this, .. but my favorite type of pics are what I refer to as " in progress constructions " pics.. Which is exactly what you have presented in this new update... It looks like everything is proceeding well so far with the upgrade, but with the possible exception of - 3 - Removal, if possible, of the instability of the RHW-8S underneath the flyover i know you will keep us posted on this 1 also as you continue the great work that you have started here.. I do not anticipate any problems with the other 3 main areas you have listed to complete this undertaking.
  14. The United Cities of Talaran

    Pierre, this is quite the " expansive" project you have undertaken here.. And it is to my knowledge , one of the most involved highway upgrade projects you have ever under taken in this game.. You really did a nice job itemizing the main areas of your city in which you will have to make changes to , in order to implement / accomplish this upgrade.. I am really hoping you go forward with this new involved highway project, as you have already made it clear that it is needed and is well worthwhile in order to control not only the present traffic needs in the area, but of course those traffic needs in terms of the future of this city..
  15. The United Cities of Talaran

    Pierre, thanks for your posting here.. I also Like this third variant of your RHW , T - interchange the most.... So this looks like the option you will be going with here However, i will be still be quite interesting, when you get around to posting the final construction of this in actually development areas and traffic conditions// There is still a lot here for you to demonstrate to us.. For instance the effectiveness of the new interchange in terms of reducing the original issues of traffic congestion that you had..