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  1. New Members Introductions

    Welcome to the website! If you need anything do not be afraid to ask!
  2. Milestone Thread

    Thanks! Here is to many more when I can!
  3. transit mania- ville

    Are those Pedi malls you have placed around in there B?
  4. transit mania- ville

    Great update B, nice to see you are working through the traffic issues!
  5. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Nice shots!
  6. Omni's Cities XXL/XL Showcase

    I am glad to see this rolling again, best of luck!
  7. transit mania- ville

    I see you are having texture issues here B. You seem to be missing a texture pack.
  8. transit mania- ville

    Time for some upgrades!! Nice work B!
  9. transit mania- ville

    It's growing fast, nice work!
  10. What are you listening to? v2

    Peaches - The Presidents of the United States of America
  11. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Nice work!
  12. Three Word Story

    raise awareness about
  13. Three Word Story

    to see if
  14. Three Word Story

    pulling his little
  15. Ceafus 88 | BAT Thread

    @bben There are various sizes, I just am doing two of the newer styles I have seen around. @7499275 Thanks, I hope you pick the game back up one day for sure. -------- Just a small update. I made a little sign to go into the lot.