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  1. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    so it would seem but actually it's a free camera mod
  2. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    playing around with a new mod that just came out... see if you notice anything different...
  3. Omni's Cities XXL/XL Showcase

    some screens taken from my last session
  4. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Some new screens and in-match screens WCW Oz Kittie Bloodshed
  5. Just purchased SC4 tonight so expect a showcase thread for it in the coming days :)

    1. bben


      wow, thats fantastic your getting back into sc4 Omni !

      I assume you have played the game in the past prior to cities XL ?

    2. OmniBLACK


      Sure have Brian, you probably remember me from Help Desk? I went by TheObvious1, H8te

  6. Omni's Cities XXL/XL Showcase

    ....continuing on with my new city, some slow progress, new offices, new convention center and condo's etc. now I need to find some new york/chicago style brick apartments. next update maybe? we'll see
  7. Omni's Cities XXL/XL Showcase

    Thanks guys, it sure has been a long time
  8. Omni's Cities XXL/XL Showcase

    It's a long, long time but I'M BACK in 2017 with new cities and new screens. Not much to look at, at the moment but it'll slowly fill in Norcross
  9. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    More action shots you say?... coming right up Kevin Nash power bombing Wrath unto a bed of weapons, right in front of the ref!, - good thing DQ's are off in this one... Hogan refusing to go over and job to anyone, just like in real-life - leaving Broke Hardy and bloodied Matt. Whatcha gonna do, BROTHER!!! When the Luster runs WILD ON YOU!!!, WHATCHA GONNA DO!!! Nevar getting the submission win in this no contest... was there ever any question he wouldn't? NEVAR!!!
  10. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Here is an update Adam Bomb Wrath Jeff Hardy (again) "The Pueto Rican Sensation" Savio Vega
  11. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

  12. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    It indeed is my friend and more to come
  13. transit mania- ville

    In the open space of the highway or whatever it is you got going on I would put some MMP trees or some type of plaza or just anything that'd make it more alive... me personally would go with gariffe's trees, However you spell his name When I think of anymore suggestions or advice I'll update this post
  14. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    I meant in the terms of you can download the PCSX2 emulator and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns iso and play the previous game that way. But since they've recently released a brand new Fire Pro game I've been (and many others) playing that one. I may in future go back to playing Returns just for the nostalgia. in the meantime I'm more than happy with Fire Pro Wrestling WORLD on PC. it has more than I've ever wanted in the game and since it's still in EA (Early Access) phase and they've constantly adding new features and fixes etc... I'd say FPWR is pretty much laid to rest for the most part... but man I still like the days of old. anyways I do have some new screens and not just here to type a drugged out ramble lol Nevar Alexander vs RagDas Jeff Hardy vs Jessie Godderz
  15. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    "The Queen of Darkwave" Michelle Yukimura Velvet Sky