Registration Terms


Simmania Member Account Registration Terms:

Thanks for registering an account on Simmania! Before continuing, please review the following terms and guidelines. They apply to both new and existing accounts. By continuing with the registration and by maintaining your account you are agreeing to these terms.

  1. Your account is yours, and yours alone. Sharing your account with another member, even temporarily, will result in both accounts being suspended or terminated.
  2. All member accounts must abide by the community guidelines at all times. Action against your account may result from not abiding by the guidelines.
  3. Member accounts must be maintained by the user. Inactive accounts may be deleted at any time.
  4. You may not use your account for spam, advertising, or any form of commercial use unless otherwise noted or agreed on by the administration. If you feel your account may fall into violation of this guideline please contact the administration to make sure.
  5. You may not use your account for any malicious intent, such as the distribution of harmful software, pirated software, other illegal activities, or pornography. Any of the above uses will result in immediate deletion of your posts and your account, as well as your IP address. If deemed necessary, proper authorities may be contacted.
  6. If you are under 13 years of age, you may not register a user account with Simmania. Accounts owned by users under 13 years of age will be deleted.

    If you have any questions about these terms, please discuss them with an administrator. Thank you!