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Simmania Community Guidelines & Rules (Updated: January 2018)

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Welcome to Simmania! We're a very relaxed, welcoming community for people who play city-building simulation games as well as Minecraft and other games. In order to maintain this sort of atmosphere, there are some simple things we ask all members to abide by. You're expected to be familiar with all the rules and guidelines here prior to participating in our community. Before using the chat room, review the Simmania Chat Guidelines. While that post contains other guidelines relevant to chat, all the following rules and guidelines also apply to the chat room.

There are four hard-and-fast rules that all members must abide by. Failure to obey these will most likely result in your account being suspended or banned:

  1. The following content results in an immediate deletion of your account: racist, sexist, otherwise hateful, pornographic, illicit (including black-hat SEO), questionable (such as "make money online" schemes).
  2. We're not an advertising site. While we do allow our members to promote their websites and services, if the entirety of your activity here is dedicated to promoting a product, service, or website you'll likely find yourself banned.
  3. Openly flaming or bullying other members will result in a suspension or ban. However, no member should respond to flaming and bullying with flaming and bullying. See the Etiquette section below.
  4. The usage or promotion of services that allow you to earn money from links clicked is prohibited in this community. Examples of such services include and Linkbucks. There will be no warning, your account will be suspended or banned. While this rule may seem draconian, we ask you consider our reasoning. If you would like further explanation, feel free to contact a staff member. If you wish to link to a post on a different community forum containing a download link that uses such a service, that is fine. 

For all of the following guidelines, the moderation team will use their discretion to determine which content and members are in violation and will take appropriate action. Remember that these points are not designed to be inflexible.


  1. Content inappropriate for users under 18 should only be posted in designated forum sections and AJAX channels.
  2. Controversial discussions should only be held in appropriate forum sections (such as the Current Events section). Such posts may be moved to the appropriate section without warning.
  3. Content that doesn't convey relevant information, or that only contain a few words or an image may be removed. The only exception to this guideline is the forum games, although all other guidelines and rules apply.
  4. Images and embedded videos that are too large or create slow loading times may be removed without warning.
  5. All content guidelines apply to user profiles, including avatars, cover photos, and signatures.


  1. Everyone, including staff, is expected to demonstrate respectful behavior toward one another. Mutual respect is paramount, including those who we dislike or disagree with.
  2. Backseat moderation, the act of non-staff members enforcing community guidelines, is unhelpful and disruptive. Instead, report any issues to the moderation team. Remember that in chat, you may block an offending user's messages. Click the user's screen name and choose "Ignore/Accept."
  3. Members are expected to comply with any instructions and warnings given by moderation. If you feel a decision was unjust/unfair, please notify a member of the administration. 

As of January 2018, over the site's nine-year span, we have only issued three permanent bans, one of which was lifted a year later. While bans and suspensions are extremely rare, that doesn't mean they have not happened, and doesn't mean they will not happen again. Here is some guidance:

  1. Membership of the community is not a right. It is a privilege that may be suspended or revoked at any time for any reason, with or without explanation.
  2. A suspension is a temporary removal of posting rights or access to the chat room. A ban is a permanent revocation of your account and with it your access to chat. 
  3. Bans and suspensions may not be appealed. Once a ban or suspension has been issued, that decision is final.
  4. Warnings are issued by staff members for minor issues. Too many concurrent warnings may result in an automatic suspension or ban.

For reports, incidents, and general help send a private message to:

  • System issues, bugs, glitches: @samerton
  • General non-technical issues: @pupper_donut @Aldini10
  • Guideline violations may be reported to any staff member.

Thank you for reading and following these guidelines.

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