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Zalost Neo-technologies server (all players welcome!)

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ok so I'm here to share my recently acquired minecraft server through GG hosting, when you spawn in there is a spawn town underway called Fitzgerald (after the edmond fitzgerald, the rules are thus.

the main town has a 3K (3 thousand blocks) radius so that's allocated for the town and surrounding area from the town square, which I will be making shortly.

you can build within that 3K radius but that's all part of fitzgerald.

no griefing, no flaming, no being a jerk, and no reproductive organ shaped objects either.

Survival only, (not sure how to get it set to creative and such yet, I'm still learning!)

have fun!

if you are interested, PM me and I will send you the IP for it, all users have to go through either me or my Co admin Roxter.


Spooky_Zalost: (admin/owner)

Roxter: (co-admin)





Edmond's Island Lighthouse


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a screenshot from the road overlooking the docks area of the town of Fitzgerald bay.


I enjoy playing on here. I will have to make an easier to remember URL once my server is back up, as I keep forgetting the IP.

you mean you don't just have it saved? lol, it's easy to check, or you can just pm me if you really need it.

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new update: the town is still growing ever larger!

6 houses, a few shops, a market, and a town hall, plus a viking ship!

and something scifi is building out in the cove on the other side of the penninsula


new update... I finished my clocktower!


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so I'm trying to decide if I should keep paying for the server... it's great and still works, I do stuff on it sometimes but I'm just wondering how much interest there still is in it.

also I've gone ahead and updated it to the latest Minecraft version so enjoy!


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